Fresh and Salt Face to Face Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Ed Call, Apr 13, 2009.

  1. I know of a good UPS guy, but really this friday looks doubtful and the weekend is packed with moms day activities.
  2. Matt, if you want to meet up some time, I'm in Lynnwood and can meet you somewhere and bring your flies with me. Just trying to help out.
  3. Well I finally picked my patterns, and have half my fresh tied -sz 20 pheasant tail flymph. Salt will be a Racoon (Skip Morris pattern) in sz/color TBD.
  4. I finished my salt pattern, pink clousers w/glow-in-the-dark flashabou. Nothing fancy, but the should work for you guys! I'll post a pic when I get a chance.
  5. Ben, that sounds cool if Matt is up for it. Matt, sound off and let us know. Rob...wasted no time making that decision and sitting down at the vise. Kudos to you. I turned out a few more of my baitfish tubes last night before crashing.
  6. Here's my pink Clouser. Not overly pleased with it, but I guess it'll do. If I have time I may try tying a baitfish pattern that I've been working on (in my head) that uses a wadd. shank, too. We'll see about that, though. Looking forward to the 15th!

  7. Ben, sounds good, i'll take you up on that. I'll pm you so we can arrange a meet up. :beer2:
  8. Matt, I should be free after tomorrow (Thursday) night. So let me know.

    I know there were a few offers to pick people up from the ferries, do any of you Kitsap guys live close to the Kingston Ferry? It's a lot closer for me, but either way, let's get some finalized plans on when and where us King/Snohomish guys can be picked up from, if the offer is still on the table.
  9. Ben, I might still be able to pick up at Kingston. I will probably have to leave work a bit early, pick up kids, drop them at home then go to the ferry terminal at Kingston. It is about 10 minutes from my house. If we can work out sailing times then it could be a go. Thanks for hooking up with Matt to get his flies from him. Matt, I can gather all of yours together and hand them over at our next meeting...which is when by the way? Ed
  10. Hey Mumbles, I'd just like to confirm the date. The front page shows the 14th and more recent posts are showing the 15th. What's the latest scoop?
  11. Sorry for my oversight. The meeting date is actually Friday May 15th. Place Voodies on Front Street in Poulsbo's quaint downtown. Time 6:30. See you all there unless previous engagements require that you pass flies to others to bring along or [gulp] you have to mail them to me in advance.
  12. I am coming over from edmonds friday someone need a ride?
  13. Are you bringing your car over? If you are, I can meet you at the edmonds ferry, and we can split the costs of taking a vehicle over.
  14. Looks like I'll be in Seattle and could hop on the boat with you two. How does that sound? We can split it three ways.

    Cheers :beer2:
  15. Dinker, the Edmonds ferry is a bit North of Seattle. I can still run shuttle if anyone needs me to, we just have to coordinate sailing schedules so that I can leave work in time.
  16. Freshies are done !!! Now on to the salt.
  17. Hey mumbles, thanks for putting this together, but the family is headed out for the first camping trip of the year on that Friday, so I won't be at the shin-dig. At least the camping trip is at nice little beach where a few cutties can be found. :thumb:

    If you PM me an address, I'll get you my flies, but instead of sending flies back to me, maybe we can meet somewhere on a beach for the exchange. You PM'd me about a beach a while back. It could work as a good meeting spot if you're up for it.

    To everyone else, thanks in advance, and I'm sorry I can't make the festivities. Please feel free to drink my share of the beer.
  18. Mumbles,
    I know Edmonds is a bit north, but I'm in N. Seattle, so it's really not that much farther than downtown when you consider traffic. I think Edmonds will be the more 'mellow' route!

    Tying update:
    Finished my salties, and am now working on my freshies. I decided to tie a rendition of the green butt skunk, but it's tied with squirrel instead of white calf so I'm going to call it the the 'green butt squirrel'. I think it will work in low clear conditions well especially with a little tasty dropper!

  19. Finished the green butt squirrels last night! I was going to post some pics, but I can't find the right equipment to do it...

    OK, found the right here they are.
  20. I am taking most of day off Friday so anytime will work
    I like to be early to things so lets check ferry scehdule

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