Fresh Whole Wild Steelhead with puree

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by KEM, Feb 3, 2010.

  1. Broiled Steelhead with Rosemary, Lemon and Garlic...
    Also on the menu was Golden trout, wild coho and wild chinook.
    You can find all this at your local Pike's Place Market.

    Crazy huh???
  2. forgive my ignorance. but just because the fish has an intact adi doesnt make it a wild fish. where do these fish really come from? i know of several hatchery operations that do not fin clip whatsoever and operate on systems that either no longer support a wild population or never had one to begin with. just curious the source of these "wild" steelhead. it would be shitty to hear these are truly washington wild fish. but i couldnt care less if these are hatchery supplied fish sold under the guise "wild." same goes for salmon. better dead.
  3. Did you ask them where they get it from??
  4. The point is that these fish were taken in gill nets. This means that the fish in the store or restaurant can be any of the above, with wild fish killed along with "targeted" hatchery stock, and the one you buy is just a crap shoot. Some cynics believe sloppy fin clipping is deliberate to allow mixing of wild and hatchery fish. This is the bs principal that allows for "allowable by catch" of threatened and endangered species.

    The analogy would be shooting a bald eagle while duck hunting because the sun was in your eyes, and hell it could happen to anybody, so I should be allowed 3-5 Mulligans a year.

    We should all give a shit.
  5. Kind of shitty that the fish we all love are being harvested for a measly $6.99 a lb. I have no problem with Native tribes harvesting for ceremonial purposes and some subsistence (depending on health of stock) but to turn around and sell it to ignorant tourists at Pike Place just seems like a total F***ing waste. How much do you think you spend on equipment, gas, food, lodging, etc. a year out on the OP per fish landed? I bet it would come out to more than $7 a pound for most of us, me included (and that is for a cleaned steelhead not for a whole one, so price per pound living weight would be even lower). The peninsula wont know what they have until it is gone and then the economy is really going to suck out there.

    P.S. That picture honestly breaks my heart.
  6. Isn't gluttony one of the seven deadly sins? If there is a god, we humans deserve to perish as a species due to gluttonous behavior. This is just one example of many.
  7. I agree with Sean. Many places advertise "wild" salmon and steelhead so customers know they aren't farm raised. Often times they are just hatchery fish.

    If these are in fact wild Washington steelhead, well thats shitty. I wouldn't jump to conclusions until you know for sure what they are trying to sell.
  8. Washington should make it illegal to to sell steelhead with an adi. Do you guys have ballot measures?

    Funny story about fish marketed as wild... ~10% of the copper river run is hatchery fish
  9. Not to hijack the thread, but did you see the sign for "Fresh Lutefisk"? By definition, that's a lie! Perhaps the "Wild" steelhead is a lie, too. Let's hope so.

  10. two basic things need to happen and pretty soon:

    1. a total ban on non-selective harvest methods. yes i know salmo we can't legislate how the indians fish but we can point out the killing of everything that swims past.
    2. it should be illegal to possess or transport any wild anadramous fish: a fish with an intact adispose fin, for purposes of exchanging these fish for money. (i know someone can do a better job of wording)
  11. Excuse me while I go feed my kitty.....
  12. Fresh Bull Trout 7 bucks a pound! Hey I like my popcorn with a little Johnnys season salt and a Coke with a lot of ice.
  13. i hear you brother. but i'd just like to know the facts at hand here. gillnet? thats one thing. if its on one of the hatchery systems i spoke of then i could care less. if its on a system supporting stocks of both wild and unclipped hatchery fish thats a totally different animal. my original question: "where do these fish really come from?' is still unanswered. its a crime (obviously) if those are truly native fish. if they are unclipped brats sold as wild fish..... well again. i dont give a shit. they are best dead and served with rice.
  14. ive personally seen the gill nets bank to bank on one particular system comprised wholly of unclipped fish. if those are the fish (or fish from a similiar scenario) on ice then so be it. just hate to hear thats where the hoh river wild fish are ending up. itd be interesting to know the actual source of these wild fish, all im saying and i hope that isnt offensive.
  15. I think you're right on Sean. No offense. I think it's reasonable to know the source before accusations are hurled. I live right by the market and will try to swing by sometime soon to ask them what is up.
  16. Dude bull trout taste like shit :p
  17. know the source?? so you folks are already assuming that wild steelhead are extinct on the queets, hoh and quilleyte systems, interesting, what yah got to back that up?
  18. who is the vendor at Pike Place market?
  19. Man that is a fine point Nathe. I never really thought about it like that but I bet in aggregate, fly fisherman would pony up whatever their take is at $7 a pound in exchange for the nets to be pulled.

    I know there is no logic to this thought but I would gladly shell out my share if it meant the rivers were going to be blowing up with both hatchery and wild fish.

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