freshwater gal wants the salt!

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  1. Sorry to sound like a complete novice, but I'm heading to Lincoln city area. Staying on the ocean away from the main drag. I can see through research there are freshwater areas, but I have never beach fly fished. Is this even an option in this area? Leaving soon and fishing is a must;) any info would be appreciated. Even a pm. I keep a lot under my hat is well. But needing some assistance:) and if there are errors in this, I blame my phone....
  2. Thank you for the pm,s! Fish on!
  3. Not much help here, but, I think John Shewy does a little coast fishing in this book (which I don't have) that you might pick up or browse at the library. I think there's stuff in there on perch and salmon on the coast, but not positive. Someone else on here may know. Have fun whatever happens! shewy.jpg
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  4. Oh, I almost forgot, you wanted salt! salt.jpg
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  5. Don't forget your life jacket.
  6. Steve might be making reference to a surf fisherman who drowned recently just N of Ocean Shores, when he was swamped and knocked down by a wave, and then couldn't save himself after his waders filled up with water.

    You might not need waders, though. Put on your bikini and wet wade! Today the buoy reports the ocean surface temp here at Westport is 60 F. A couple of days ago it was 62 F.
  7. That is a shameful way to get a girl into a bikini.:cool:
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  8. Englightened Gal. Rather than expound on my own experiences I will direct you to a couple of sites. Both are from central California but same fish and methods apply. The first is: This is Glen Yoshimoto's site and the best I have found.

    The second is: This is Mark Won's site and is also excellent.

    Both have excellent information on structure, patterns, and anything necessary to be successful.
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  9. Here in chilly WA, we employ whatever tactics we can.:D
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  10. It was beautiful:) didn't catch any from the beach...tried. loved it but no love on my line. Caught quite a few rock fish:)
  11. So is that a lake lenore cuttie in you pic?
  12. Greg Price, post: 847819, member: 9630"]So is that a lake lenore cuttie in you pic?[/quote]
    A cuttie yes:) lake Lenore nope;)
  13. With a thread title like that, I expected this to read like a "casual encounters" listing on craigslist

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