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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by andrew, Mar 18, 2004.

  1. Friend or Foe

    LOL - you'd throw rocks at people in a tiny "jet" boat in a river that probably has full sized jet boats, but you'd be tempted to pick a fight if you saw someone put a bumper sticker on someone's Hummer?:dunno
  2. >"My concern is that some yahoo would take it way up some smaller river, tributary, or creek"

    Well, JAWS, I can't say your fears are unfounded. I looked at the ad again and here is what it says, "Mokai is the sport boat that will let you sneak silently into a secluded sanctuary and then travel upstream to the next hot spot."

    I think that's your hot spot they're after! And something tells me their definition of "silent" may differ from yours.

    Then again, is this thing really new at all? If you look closely at this little craft, you'll see it's really just a Waverunner that you sit down inside instead of straddling. I haven't seen too many "yahoo" fishermen zipping upstream on Waverunners. Hold the phone. Now there's an idea . . .
  3. NR Mike, I have great admiration for "rough & tumble bush-whackers" (great "jealousy" is probably more accurate). I used to be one. In my glory days I'd hike in 6 miles to fish some alpine lake for two hours, then do 6 miles back before dark. And it was uphill both ways (ok not really). I didn't believe there were fish in any stretch of river that couldn't be accessed without a machete (that's a figurative machete, I didn't have a vest pocket for a real one -- although I think Lawless does).

    But then I got fat. And slow. And sore. And a job.

    I'm still looking for remote spots. But I'm into efficiency now. I've thought about parachuting in, but then I'd still have to hike out (packing a big chute).

    My pontoon boat changed my life forever. But I still need a shuttle, and since I usually fish alone . . .

    Ok, I can see you guys don't like the Mokai, so I promise not to buy one. So how about this. I'll build a giant raft that I can put my truck on. I'll tie the raft onto my pontoon boat and drift it on down with me. Wait, I could probably sell these rafts! Anybody have Probasco's number handy?
  4. Bright Rivers, I hear ya. I'm feeling a bit "over-the-hill" myself lately. There are places i'd like to go to that would require quite a bit of effort and good physical conditioning in order to get there and back, but I guess that is what keeps them from getting overcrowded. That's one of the benefits of youth and/or a healthy, active lifestyle.
    I'm surprised that more rivers don't have some entrepreneurial soul running a shuttle service on them. When Fishbait and I drifted the Bogy last week, we paid a guy (never even saw him or met him....Fishbait hooked up and arranged the deal over the phone) $15.00 cash to shuttle the rig down from the 101 launch to the Wilson pullout. An act of faith, but the rig was there waiting for us. Fishbait said the guy told him over the phone that he started moving vehicles after 8:30am. It would take only 10 shuttles to gross $150.00. That might have to be split two ways, as the shuttler would need a ride back up to the top, but i bet someone could devise a small and lightweight portable rack for a motor scooter or trail bike that he could use to haul the bike down on the empty boat-trailer, and then haul back up to the top with the bike. Considering all the unemployed people, many living near rivers, one would think that there would be at least one shuttle service on any floatable river with launches.
    I just hope my knees hold out long enough to hike into many of the places I want to experience.
    Well the sun's out, the lawns are drying off with a good breeze, its turning into a beautiful day, and I gotta go get to work!

  5. well...

    Your point about this craft having some concerns in large water is exactly what will push it into smaller, traditionally quieter waters. Do you want some yayhoo running past you to go through a drift again, I don't. I have a hard bottom boat too, but opt for oars over motor unless everyone else on the lake is putting around under power.


    Good things come to those who wade...
  6. New River Mike

    Bright Rivers...I hear ya, too. I'm so far down the other side of that hill it seems I'm always in the shade!;-)

    I apologize if I seemed to pick on your particular remark. Your words were just a handy starting point for one of my semi-coherent ramblings. I should actually thank you - by the time I was done I was feeling pretty darned nostalgic for my boyhood, way back there on the other side of the slope.
  7. Friend or Foe

    I am not really crazy about jet boats clogging up all our waterways, carving out mudflats, and buzzing around.

    Maybe that little motor can't handle the riffles that the big jets can, I am glad that some rivers are now free of jet boats, and I hope more are.

    I am also really happy that personal watercraft are not allowed in National Parks, and on some lakes. I can only see that boats like this could be as obnoxious.
  8. Friend or Foe

    "I am not really crazy about jet boats clogging up all our waterways, carving out mudflats, and buzzing around.

    Maybe that little motor can't handle the riffles that the big jets can, I am glad that some rivers are now free of jet boats, and I hope more are.

    I am also really happy that personal watercraft are not allowed in National Parks, and on some lakes. I can only see that boats like this could be as obnoxious."

    Word. :thumb :beer2
  9. Will you older types quit talking about being over the hill. I have one foot on a banana peel and the other in the grave but I'm not ready to go yet. I can take you to places that you walk thru the woods a little way and set foot on the rivers where nobody else goes. I have a few dozen of those places tucked away in my brain.

    But as for using one of those things on a river out here one would have to be out of his mind. The current out here would sweep one of those little motored things away. I think that they were maybe designed for those slow moving rivers in NY.

  10. I like the idea of having Game Wardens on them. Imagine the supprise!
  11. Friend or Foe

    Fish till ya drop.Then suck it up and fish the evening hatch.

    No one imagined how obnoxious the Wave Runners could get in the hands of a hormone charged teen ager out for "kicks" either.
    I can just imagine a whole pack of Petas charging around my pristine lake "saving the fish from torture" on one of these.

    Maybe I've just got an overactive imagination! But I smell trouble in paradise.
    There are motorheads everywhere and they have no respect for anything.
  12. Friend or Foe

    "No one imagined how obnoxious the Wave Runners could get in the hands of a hormone charged teen ager out for "kicks" either."

    That goes for a hormone charged teenager with a fly rod too.
  13. Friend or Foe

    Technology and innovation sure don't stand still. Wave runners P*%& me off to no end but it's the small handfull of idiots that have me feeling that way. I had to toss an ashtray at one that was making straightline runs at my boat at about 30 mph, then turning at the last second to "shower" us, what a freak. Actually what a sore freak after my ashtray ricochetted of the side of it and hit him on the kneecap. So where does it end? Are Seguays a good idea just cause they can be made? How about those little wheel scooters with gas powered motors? Now Mokai's. Must be no problem starting a "transportation" business with some adaptation you've dreamed up safe or otherwise. Must not be any oversight or surely the local 12 -14 year olds in my neighborhood wouldn't be all over the sidewalks & streets running a motorized vehicle with out helmets. I bet the first Seguay "pedestrian" collision will be a precedent setter. Oh for the days when life was a little slower, a little more sensible, when technology wasn't creating social problems and new burdens. But how does all this stuff get out there in the first place? I forgot for a moment, this is America and for a litigious society, do we ever have rights!!
  14. I have seen articles where they have been used on the flats in Florida and since they can actualy be pretty quiet when at an idle, mind you some people have theirs tuned out to be loud but given a little throttle you can drift a long nicely it seems.
    As for someone going fly fishing with one in remote areas. Most lakes don't allow them and if they are any type of fisherperson they won't be doing donuts where they would be fishing. Just using it to get from place to place like a normal person.

    That is all the change I have
  15. Friend or Foe

    I may be a bit cynical, but I suspect that it is the lawyers and doctors that are investing in this type of technology...kind of like raising geese that lay golden eggs.

    My reasoning:
    These inventions only need to be built and marketed and they seem to sell like hotcakes.
    The operators of these devices push the envelope until they lose conrol and wipe out, causing themselves or someone else to need medical attention.
    Someone sues "the other guy."

    du, du, du-u-u, du, du-u, du, du-u-u...livin' in the USA!

  16. I'm preety much as novice as you can get but it does seem to me to be a little out of the category of flyfishing. How I mean is that flyfishing to me is just as much about enjoying nature and being a member of its beautiful sense of fluidity if not more so. This machine and any other powered craft on our natures supreme waters seems to me to be the exact opposite of this view. Then again not all of us seem to see things the same way nor should we. I guess I'm just saying, see your self as the river or that fact as mother nature and ask yourself would you want this craft distorting your natural beauty?
    Determining fish weight?, "Take fish home, cook him, cook side dishes, eat meal, drink good beer and weigh self next morning.", Scientific theory.:dunno
  17. "Friend or Foe"

    I have 3 and use them to take wheelchair bound fishermen and women out young and old. It is not the gun that kills but the shooter. That person who is in it may not be able to get there any other way so... throw rocks and feel like what? A good fisherman if you don't have perfect health you don't have a rifgt to enjoy as well? All of the people that I know that own one go out of their way not to disturb others. As to Fish and Game a wonderful tool it is very quiet they will be on you almost before you hear it, they will catch those breaking the law. I use mine in Alaska and have had them in 8 foot seas and on rivers that have an eight mile an hour current they do great not a rocket just a small boat. Beer and boating don't mix a drown drunk is always dead, I have pulled two out that way wear a PFD.
  18. "Friend or Foe"



    now lock, load and be ready
  19. "Friend or Foe"

    I remember these same arguments when mobil phones first came on the market. Having a phone and going fishing was such a “Yuppie” thing to do. Everybody claimed that they would never be caught with a phone on the river and that they would take pot shots at anybody whose phone dare disturbed their solitude. But then I also remember when it was a “Yuppie” thing to talk about fly fishing on the internet. : )

  20. "Friend or Foe"

    Whats the deal here? We don't have enough to argue about currently so we dig up old ones?

    Don't drive that puny little jet powered canoe in front of my sled. Doubt it would make any more of a bump then a stuck log.

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