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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Sean Beauchamp, Jan 28, 2009.

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    dude there just aren't that many steelhead, don't worry about it I know a guy who fished he skagit for 2 years three days a week to land a fish
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    It's frustrating, especially when you're use to catching fish. Understand that you will catch one. Something I've learned about steelheading is that I thought I knew how to read water...WRONG! Your vision has to change in terms of what is steelhead water. Ya, there is classic water, but there is also a massive amount of water that your eye is not trained for. You must not look only at what looks like "fishy water," but also at the ambiguous spots steelhead tend to hold, i.e. subsurface ledge rock for example. You may look at a piece of water and say, "neh, no character." Look closer. The surface may not look unique, but 2 ft under water there may be a flume and rock structure that fish love to hide in and seek safety. I keep learning, per river. I can't tell you how many times I've passed up a piece of water and then had someone point out something in that piece of water I had never seen before. Then you look at it, your eyes readjust, and you say, "How did I never see that?" Keep at it dude. Remember why you're there, the beauty of the experience, and the steelhead gods will reward you. Getting a good guide is really worth the money to show you what I'm talking about, above, and to pop your cherry.
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    Lots of good advice. The first few years are tough. It gets a lot easier but never easy except maybe on the OP.:)
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    My brief steelheading career lasted from September 2002 – March 2003. This was pre- marriage/mortgage when my time and money were my own. During that window I spent 30+ days on the water swinging for steel on various S rivers and the OP, invested in two guide trips, a couple of rods and reels (single hand 8 weights), custom lines, called in sick to fish weekdays, read several books, and fished with members of this board who caught steelhead. I managed 3 steelhead (none on the guided days), a half dozen bulls, and a handful of searun cutthroat in that time. Since then, I can only imagine there are fewer fish to be caught, but it can be done. Spend some $$ on the best guide on your favorite river. You’ll get your swagger back.
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    The steelhead might just be scared of that cannon of a rod your using.
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    For one thing, Sparks is way better than Tilt. :rofl: Find a way to float the river. You'll find the "not so visable from the road" spots that you can hike into. If possible, float it with a guide. Brian or one of the other cats at AATF would be my choice if they aren't booked already. Or, on the cheap, you can drop 50 bucks on an old canoe or rent or borrow one and float it yourself.

    Dude, RATT was never rad. They always have and always will suck. :rofl:
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    Mr. Zelk is correct. Don't drink while fishing.

    I was refering in beers ability to help you gain favor with older or better fishermen. In fact, the best strategy would be to loosen them up a bit and drink cokes so that you can remember any beans that they spill. Rob is correct, this strategy should be employed away from the river.

    Tek answers tomorrow,
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    What is this band "rat"? I know almost all bands and never heard of such a band. There was a sorry assed hair band about as bad a band as "poison" named "Ratt" that opened for Motley Crue, but you wouldnt be mentioning them unless you were talking about one of the worst bands ever, not a "rad" band.
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    Ratt wasn't that bad. Either was Motley Crew. IMO
    Anyway, Sean, I'm in the OP now with the single and the double...nothing but whities too. I did talk with a guy who caught a native today, I hope he released it. If your in your first year fishing for steel, your right on track.
    Good Luck and tight lines.
    Also, same thing here, the nets have bben in for way to long.
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    A. This year's hatchery returns are piss poor. The wild fish are just starting and I haven't seen anything to indicate they're doing much better.
    B. I'd make sure I'm fishing the right water and covering it effectively before buying a boat. If you're fishing shit water now, you'll just fish more shit water with a boat.

    C. Don't assume that everyone else on the water knows what they're doing.
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    About your unemployment situation, keep your head up bud.
    Been through it before and it's tough but you'll make it, and it's probably one reason you're frustrated with your steelheading.
    As for targeting the steel remember these simple facts:

    1. It takes the average fisherman around 5 years to catch their first steelhead.

    2. If you know a location on the river you've seen successful people fish, hit that exact spot again later in the day every time you go out. Steelhead always take over the spot a previous one was resting in.

    Good luck!

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    If you're the same Sean I met yesterday on the river, remember the water temp was 38 degrees, remember where I caught that fish, remember what the water speed and depth looked like, remember not to wade too deep, remember to make shorter casts, remember to let your fly barely swing, and just maybe your fly will pass within an inch of a resting fish.

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    He's like E.F Hutton.
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    just got back from my couch-beach-and-brew escapades in west seattle and read up on this massive thread.

    thanks for the advice guys. im on it, dont worry. im way too stubborn to not keep after it.

    2 things though:

    -sparks is horseshit.
    -resident coho almost resemble a real fish. almost.

    back to the river..... :beer2:

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