From the Cowlitz to the Alpine Lakes

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  1. I've been hitting the beaches pretty hard in an effort to get the beach fishing for coho thing down...still no success. So it was with some reluctance that I made my way down to the Cowlitz River for a fishing trip with my girlfriend's father, Dave...not because he's not a stand-up guy, but because I wanted my first damn coho from the beach.

    Day 1 of backtrolling produced one take that Dave prematurely set on, and me losing a nice 25ish pound bright king about 10 feet from the boat.

    Day 2 saw a considerable amount more beer consumed, one lost coho...and then BAYUM! My rod drops, I set the hook, and 20 minutes later, down 1/2 mile of river, I landed the biggest king I've ever personally witnessed in WA. Measured 45 inches by 24 girth, and THICK. Initial estimates on the river we were talking high 40's, but from all the calculations I can find, it looks to be somewhere between 37 and 43 pounds, depending on the calculator. Beast of a fish regardless, and one that may just have to go up on my wall.

    Wild King salmon on the Cowlitz!
    IMG_20121005_113758.jpg IMG_20121005_114254.jpg
    Then back home on Friday afternoon, packed up and headed to an alpine lake 11 miles into the woods. Trail was terrible, so we ended up in camp a bit later than I had hoped on Saturday afternoon. Whipped the 3 WT out after setting up camp, and with the 1.5 hours of light left, landed 4 for dinner, and lost 2...because I was still in King Salmon mode and set a bit too hard.

    2 more fish in the AM released, and we were back on the trail home.

    Me with the monster 10 incher, trophy pic style...or as close to it as I could manage :)

    All in all, a good weekend I'd say. Can't wait to get out on the beach and keep my mojo alive.
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  2. That King is a beast - what'd he take?
  3. 6" silver Kwikfish with a chartreuse head and red butt. Forgot to mention the 14" cutthroat earlier in day 2 that hit the same lure lol.

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