Froze Sculpin

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  1. here is a pattern that i can up with this year that had just taken off with fisherman and shops. hope you guys like it. this is my Frozen Sculpin. its on a daiichi 2220 sz 1. side few and top view.
    Frozen Sculpin.jpg
    frozen sculpin top view.jpg
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  2. Looks good to me.
  3. Nice---just wondering if the hook were used to the point was up instead of down, would that snag less...the eyes don't appear to be weighted so I assume it is designed to fish on a sink tip.
  4. yeah i never weight any of my sculpins. i use sinking lines so the fly has more natural movement. and when i am fishing this is rivers its a relatively fast strip so i don't snag much of anything plus if i can get them on an aggressive chase they are more inclined to strike the fly.
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  5. good to know
  6. looks like ice dub?
    Nice fly
  7. yep the head is ice dub. i stacked it like you would lazer dub or wool.
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  8. Hence the name "frozen....."
    I like the brown/golden version, great for fall.
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  9. I tie nearly the same fly but using only ice dub, sans marabou tail. It works very well on SRC and coho. Sometimes with a conehead.
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