FS: 11’ Tunnel Hull Raft with Fishing Frame

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    Star Inflatable XB11-ST Water Bug Raft - 11’ x 72” with 24” diameter tubes
    · 4000 Denier PVC, 4 chamber, single bladder; Total weight 110#
    · Holds 3 people with gear; custom frame with casting platform, back seat removable, hi-rise front seat
    · Rated/Fitted for Class V: compact, maneuverable, rides high,
    great on narrow and skinny waters, capacity for 2 ppl on multi- day trips
    · Self bailing floor, double reinforced bottom runners and side strakes
    · Fishing frame includes 3 padded seats, foot bar, lean bar and bow floor
    · Anchor system (anchor not included)
    · Pair of Cataract Graphite Composite Oars with Floating Blades
    · Cobra Oar Locks, Oar-Rite Oar Sleeves and Oar Keepers
    · Spare Carlisle Aluminum Oar with Heavy Duty Blade
    · Includes two inflatable thwarts to use raft with paddles and without frame
    · In Excellent Condition 8/10, some grey splotching on starboard side
    · Can be stowed in and on an SUV, or trailered on a 4’x8’ trailer
    · Many other extras (rod & cup holders, repair kit, stripping basket, etc.)
    · See starinflatables.com for further information
    $2250 cash; pick up only, Vancouver WA area raft2sm.jpg raftCompPics.jpg
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    Camas, WA, USA.
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    Reduced price to $2100 cash or best offer.
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    Do you still have this boat?