FS: Albright A5 5 wt and Ross Rhythm 2 with SA Headstart

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by nemo75, Jan 23, 2009.

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  1. Albright A5 5wt and Ross Rhythm 2 copper with SA Headstart 5wt and 20 lbs dacron backing. Rod and reel/line only lawn cast and in like-new condition with warranty cards. $400.00 plus $15.00 shipping to lower 48. Please do not hestitate to contact me should you have any questions.


  2. Lets see, a5 5wt $139 new (www.albrighttackle.com), ross rhythm $189 with free shipping, maybe less other places because it is being discontinued. Line is what, $35? Backing $10?

    Plus it is unclear, but the a5 might be %20 cheaper since albright is having a preseason sale.

    Sierra trading post has the ross rhythm #2 for $159. Look on the web and you can find a free shipping code, even a %20 off coupon. So you are selling $343 worth of product for $400? That isnt including the %20 off for the rhythm and a5 because I didnt verify it.

    At Kiene's (http://kiene.com/forums/showthread.php?t=15183) someone is selling a ross rhythm 1.5 with line and backing for $90 and a sage slt 4 weight for $220, or $310. It isnt clear but I would assume the line on the ross is a 4 wt. All in "excellent condition"
  3. Lot of work to prove your point that you think the rod is over priced. We happen to have a free market system where anyone can ask what ever they want for something. The market will eventually set the price. Most of us do our own research when buying something. So do not see the point in raining on some one else's parade. Although I have never cast the rod here is a link to a review.

  4. I actually pmed the guy and told him the same thing and good luck with his sale. yes it is a free market system but some would look at this as being taken.
  5. Guys,

    Just to let you know what I spent:
    A5 - $220
    Rhythm - $220
    Backing - $10
    Line - $47

    Total - $497 plus tax (9% where I live)

    $400 is 20% off what I paid (not including tax) for a basically new rod/reel. If you do not agree with the price, then don't worry about my sale. I'm in no way attempting to "take" anyone, but I'm not going to lose too much either.

  6. It becomes tough to sell used equipment when they are on closeout.
  7. I usually sell sell at 50 - 60% what I buy it for new. I never pay more than 60% new non discounted. Everyone I have bought for from here sells for 60% or less MSRP used. Your right, its a free market

  8. I am not saying it is a bad rod, but it is now being sold for about half the cost brand new of what he bought it for. The reel is about %40 off brand new what he paid for it. He thinks selling his "almost new" gear for %20 of what he paid is fair. If he wants to think that fine, but I am the type of person who wouldnt want a newbie to buy this when they can buy brand new for significantly less!! It is like I have a 1993 jeep cherokee that cost me $21,000. I will let someone have it for %30 of what I paid because "I don't want to lose too much money". I have no problem with someone thinking that is "fair", but what if your mother bought the car from me at that price? Would you want your mom to buy his setup when she could buy BRAND new, the exact same items, for about %20 less?

    I am not trying to rain on this guys parade, just acting like someone I care about were to buy this. I hope I am not the only one looking out for others, or is this what the world has come to?
  9. all good and well, but why not do this via p.m. first and give the guy a chance to adjust his ad? if he doesn't, then bust him out publicly. poor etiquette otherwise. a couple of forums i frequent no longer allow the posting of replies to for sale items because of issues just like this.

  10. depen rod I pmed the guy right away and was pretty much told to shove it.
  11. well, he deserves this then.

  12. This is kinda funny. I figure the market will usually take care of it. If I'm interested in buying some of the stuff, I might make a more realistic offer. Other than that I figure it's pretty much none of my business. Especially in a venue like this. Folks who come here generally know what stuff's worth.

    Maybe he should try Craigslist. Place is full of ads like this.

    "Fly Fishing Outfit. Like new. Pole, reel, line, lures. I bought this 10 years ago and have only used it twice. Paid over $600 new. Yours for $525. My loss is your gain."

    I can't imagine any of this stuff sells, but who knows?
  13. ggggloomis,

    I never told you to "shove it" but I did state that is was significantly discounted from what I paid.

    I'm just getting into this sport and I must say that the people on this forum have shocked me. If given an option of buying something at a store or an individual for the same price, why not buy from the individual who will then spend the money on additional equipment for the sport. I know I would, but that's me. Especially if its discounted.


  14. I offer $200

  15. OK, Nemo. Here's some straight dope. Don't mean to get down on you, but you asked some honest questions, so here are some honest answers.

    First off, it's bad form to start out in the classifieds. You're a stranger around here and it's best to join a conversation or two on some of the other forums before you start hocking wares. At the very least, post where you're from so we know if we're dealing with someone local and if a face-to-face transaction is possible. That's not required, but it's always better.

    Next, I don't know if you were just unlucky or if someone saw you coming or what, but if you paid full retail for the rod and reel you have, you were the last one. Albright was pretty much giving away 2008 inventory in November and December. An A5 was going for right around $100. Same with the Rhythm. Ross discontinued that model and they're easy to find on closeout for $140. Significantly less if you look hard enough. Fly line loses 40-60% of its value the moment you tie it on a reel. Especially an entry-level line like a Headstart. Backing adds no value to the deal, nor do flies unless you've got a zillion of them.

    You asked why we wouldn't buy from you rather than a store, even at a small discount. It's because we don't know you so it's assumed that anything we buy from you (even if you hold up your end of the deal -- which is not a given) is purchased as is. All we have is your word on the condition, and even then, we have little recourse if you've misrepresented it. When I buy from you, once the transaction is done, we're done. You have my money and I'm on my own. All that factors into the price.

    If I buy from a store, especially from a local merchant, he's got an interest in treating me right and making sure I'm happy with my purchase. If something goes wrong, either right away or in the future, I've got a place I can go to see about making it right or at least making it better. That, too, factors into the price.

    So you're saying you're knocking 50 bucks, 100 bucks off of retail. You're not even in the ballpark, man. Unless you're selling high-end gear or collectible stuff, you're generally lucky to get about half of retail on the used market. I'm afraid your merchandise is niether of those things.
  16. Good for you NB,
    I personally am fed up with the "buyer beware" Or "why rain on someone else's parade" attitude...I'd rather see guys looking out for each other a helluva lot more, especially when it comes to new guys hawking their wares and taking advantage of this sites free policy!!!

    More power to you Bro.!!!! I bitched about some of this same kind of crap on another site and they eventually changed some things on there!!!

    Pm's are fine, but if put up an ad and it's out of line, I think you should be called on it period!!

    Hope others appreciate it as much I do!!!
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