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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by SpeySpaz, Jan 12, 2009.

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  1. Dang! There goes my boat....bawling: did I mention that I hate camera's?

    Jc....saweeeet boat!
  2. sweeet pix, Li'l D. a thousand thanx, brother
    don't be sad jc-what will be will be. we'll see, huh?

    the offer is 350$ including all seen in pix. those silver things are oars, securely stowed.
    the battery pictured is toasted, one freeze cycle too many, but it will save you a core charge on a new one if you want it.
    thanks, Bob
  3. bump! Someone should pick this up guys! Stay dry, warm and 2 buckets, one for RELIEF! Not to mention it's got a beer box!
  4. Serious BUMP!!!!!

    Ok...so it's older...That just means it's classic. This thing is ready to fish. Fish finder, MinKotta motor, rod holders, lots of storage to boot. So you have to buy a battery...Geez!!!!! Please..he's giving you the old one so you save money on a core charge.

    $350!!!! Thats an incredible deal!!!

    Bob is one hell of a guy who takes care of his stuff. I promise you won't be disappointed in this boat.
  5. I would have given $350 for the trailer alone a couple of weeks ago!

    Free Bump
  6. Dibs. See you Tuesday evening :D
  7. I'm sick to my tummy:beathead:......but congratulations anyhow!!

    If you ever decide you don't want it anymore (for whatever reason) please give me first "dibbies" on it, okay? Please!

    Enjoy your super-cool boat, Jim!

  8. So the boat is sold????!!!!! Congrats Jim!!! Congrats Bob!!!!!! Way kewl...
  9. Sweet Jim! :thumb: That's a great little boat.

  10. The deal is done.
    Mr Speaker is the proud owner of a genuine SpazKraft (TM< pat pending) and a 5 hp Merc 2 stroke.

    Tight lines and happy times in your new boat Jim, may the "Bras de Fer" serve you as well as she did me!

    If you begin having strange dreams featuring a portly french viscount, say hi to my oldest fishing buddy for me:thumb:
  11. NICE!!!!!:thumb:

    Way to go..
  12. My maiden voyage was today with my girlfriend for a simple cruise around Lake Sawyer to get a feel for her and test her out (the boat, damnit...) Very nice little boat, love it love it, and can't wait to do some fishing from it. Not a drop of water in the boat that I didn't bring in on my boots... DRY. And you'd have to go to a store to find a cleaner motor... I might have to sneak out early in the morning to some lake with year-round regs and find me some trout.

    Thanks again for a good time hangin' out last night and working on removing that @#$@! ball-hitch from my bumper. Good times. I'll probably have it out both days this weekend on the south sound, weather permitting, and Jeff is going one day... let me know, Bob, if you'd like to go look up some SRCs with me this weekend.

    Cheers :beer2:
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