FS FS: Outcast (Aire) PAC 1000 10ft pontoon cataraft TUBES ONLY

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    935216_622620294417313_581889382_n.jpg Selling a pair of Outcast PAC 1000 10ft pontoon/cataraft tubes (TUBES ONLY). I've switched out to slightly larger tubes to carry more gear for overnight trips. I'm asking$SOLD TO saffman, thanks for a smooth transaction!

    I'm the second owner of these tubes and have always stored them moderately inflated indoors. First owner purchased the PAC 1000 boat in ~2007 and stored it outside but kept the boat covered under a tarp so the tubes have no UV damage. The original owner was an older gentleman who did not use the tubes for much other than lake fishing. Stitching and zippers on the outer tube are in good shape with a little discoloration from a few years of use. PVC outer tubes have some minor scratches but no cuts or repairs and the material is smooth and flexible. The "Outcast" logos on each tube have cracked and are falling off, but this doesn't affect the integrity of the tubes. I have kept the tubes clean and regularly wipe them down with 303 spray to protect them from UV and dirt. Inner bladders are urethane (like on Aire's more expensive boats) and have never been patched.

    These tubes would be a good upgrade for anyone with shorter or cheaper quality tubes. I called Aire and confirmed that these are rated up to Class III whitewater (with a stout enough frame and good oars) and are nearly as durable as the tubes on their more expensive catarafts. I've taken these down Class III runs on the Wenatchee (twice at 11,000 CFS) and Tieton (at 3,000 cfs) and affirm that they are stout enough to handle big waves and holes if you have the rowing skills. I added two additional D-rings on each tube to better secure the tubes to the frame for whitewater (not needed for fishing).

    These are the same tubes shown on the current PAC 1000 cataraft:

    I will post photos of the tubes tonight with closeups of various areas.
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    Here are the photos. The condition of the vinyl "Outcast" logos is not representative of the PVC tubes which are in very good shape with no weathering or other damage.

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    Thanks for a great transaction!

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