FS FS: Sage TXL 000710 7'10" 000 wt 3 Piece

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by riverhunter, Jan 27, 2014.

  1. Sage TXL 000710 7’10” 000wt 3 piece with line. Rod is used and in excellent condition. Comes with rod tube and sock. No warranty card. $300

    If you are interested please send PM.


  2. Folks likely do not know how versatile that Sage is. Casting a Rio LT 1 weight line will put a smile on your face-slows the rod down to a nice smooth pace. Then you can cast a 000 or 00 weight line and it zings right along.

    If I did not own one already I would throw money at you!
  3. sweet rod, free bump
  4. A wonderful rod, I have a couple of them. The 000 and the 1 weight, I have used everything up to 4 weight lined on them. That 000 will cast a dry fly with only a dozen feet of 4 weight line off the tip of the rod.
    The absolutely best light line rod that you could buy.
  5. Sale pending.

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