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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by formerguide, May 9, 2013.

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    So, I'm still enthralled with the critters one finds on the beaches in the Sound on low tides. With a near minus where I was yesterday, saw all kinds of crabs, amorphous looking jelly creatures, and plenty of starfish.

    But look at the size of this monster! I figure nuclear contaminiation must be at play, that's a size 12 boot in the second photo for perspective. Seriously cool to a newbie like me...



    As to ths fishing...

    So, headed to Hood Canal, had a few spots in mind. It's a bit of a drive for me, so was excited to have sufficient time to explore. But something was amiss. Say, oh, the 3,426 boats speeding here and there, along the shore, out in the middle, trucks with trailers at every pull-off. Come to find out that it's a shrimping day, one of only a few days when they can be harvested apparently. Scrambled down to one spot, had 5 boats speed within a long spin-cast away, last one almost swamped me, said to-hell-with this, headed elsewhere.

    So, ended up hitting 2 new spots entirely for me. One I had some idea about, the other I just stumbled upon. FIrst spot yielded a few half-hearted tugs and a sculpin. But the second spot...

    Landed just a bunch of quality fish. Never changed flies, fishing about mid-way thru the incoming tide. Fish were in a bout a 200yd stretch of beach, and all really nice sized as well. Fun day, the perserverance paid off. Found myself really slowing down my strip (fishing an Angel Hair Clouser) and almost every strike was in the pause. I got far more eats with the slower retrieve, and I usually strip in slower than anyone else I've seen on the water. One of the advantages of a floating line as well.

    Anyway, thought I'd share. Last trip out for awhile, good way to spend a day for certain.


    Typical fish from yesterday. Stayed cloudy all afternoon, definitely helped I imagine...

    Nice slab
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    Way to good, that is a nice one.
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    Very nice fish, glad you found some!
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  4. plaegreid

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    Sounds like a great day!
    I had better responses with a slower strip the other night, too, which was contrary to some advice I'd been given. Still couldn't manage to get any to hand, but that's neither here nor there. :p
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  5. Dipnet

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    I found one of those sunflower starfish at Purdy that was about 2.5 feet across. Amazing.

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  7. Dipnet

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    Yeah, they're the Godzilla of starfish!! :)

    BTW, one of the craziest things I ever saw was back in high school when a couple of friends of mine worked at the Pt. Defiance Aquarium in Tacoma. One of the display tanks held a bunch of scallops. We took a sun star out of another tank and stuck it in the scallop tank.

    Now ya need to know that the sun star is one of the greatest predators of scallops so when this starfish got into the water nearly every scallop in that tank went nuts and started shooting up, down, sideways, in circles.....you name it! I was surprised that some didn't shoot completely out of the tank! They all wanted to get the he** out of there!

    We finally took pity on the scallops and put the starfish back into his own tank.

    Oh man, malicious fun with marine life!! ;)
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    The best thing about the day was learning a few new spots.

    I cant overemphasize how beneficial it is to explore. I've lived in WA for less than 18 weeks, and I have barely scratched the surface. Sometimes it's good to get thrown for a loop and just drive...

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    Great report, thanks! That is one hell of a sea star. Those things are pretty impressive predators anyway, but when they get up to 24", geebus...
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  10. Jim Ficklin

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    Nice fish & I have no idea what could have made your boot that big . . .
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    Nice fat fish!
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