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  1. If I took the facebook garbage I read every day or two about the reactor in Japan and applied it globally to my life, I would have had to quit breathing the air we all pollute with our cars basically at birth..

    After my Navy training I honestly believe that I have a higher chance of contracting skin cancer, than the overhyped Japanese insta-death-reactor-cancer.
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  2. Ahhhhhh!!!! Godzilla!!! Let's RUN!
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  3. I think Godzirra is sperred with two R's, Arex..
  4. Sorry, but this is not how misinformation gets started, as you've suggested. The fact of the matter is that the spread of misinformation begins when people confuse 'hundreds' with 'maybe a hundred or so' and try to propagate a simply semantic argument as the truth.
  5. A hundred does not make hundreds. I don't care how you add. The total number of nuclear tests in the Pacific Ocean was 106 and not all of those were explosive. Happy with your claim of "hundreds'?
  6. .
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  7. I'm not a scientist but it is very concerning to me. Especially since it seems there is no solution at present only the reassurance that the amount of particles compared to the volume of water is small. But everyday it grows more and more. Eventually it will impact the planet. I guess I just feel our priorities are wrong.
  8. Well, the guys who ARE scientists aren't too concerned about this particular issue.
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  9. During the interview in the link on my last post, the expert starts out by saying something along the lines of, "Before I begin, I would like to say that from all the bomb testing done the northern hemisphere of the globe contains about 10% more radiation than normal or natural causes." He says it is already in everything we eat, at low levels. That said, they do talk about how this situation could get a lot worse because of the way they are trying to deal with the contaminated water.

    He says he recommended them to ship the water away instead of building 3 huge 1000 ton holding tanks a week. He goes on to say that 300 tons of water is being pumped out a day. He says he also recommended they should be focusing on building a giant drainage/water diversion ditch above the site of contamination since the site is below a mountain range which funnels water into the site and then into the ocean, instead of trying to keep up with all the runoff. If another earthquake happened, all those 1000 ton tanks may fail causing a much larger disaster. They expect this disaster to take 30 years to get under control.
  10. If you want to see something disgusting.......


  11. This vid is cooler.

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