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Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by Porter, Jan 20, 2007.

  1. I have a simple question....Most full wells are at 7.5 inches (all my sages are from the last three decades)....yet the G. Loomis (GL3's) I have ..have a 8" Full Wells...which I really like a lot. Why did G. Loomis do this? Just curious if any of you know....did they do this with the GLX too? Thanks..just curious :confused: Have a :beer1:

  2. I'm just speculating, but prolly cause they went to another distributor???? In the rods I build, using a longer or shorter grip is determined by what people want. Perhaps a number of people in marketing decide the longer grip would be in the best interest of rod sales? I wonder if there is a Loomis guy on the site who could answer more definatively?
  3. When I look at Full Wells being offered by rod building stores or catalogs currently ...the only option I see is the 7.5 Full Wells. I plan on hitting the Bellevue FF Show Friday...I'll ask then. Just curious as to this ...maybe 8" was an option several years ago...:confused: This being a side note.. I find the Sage grips have a lot less filler than G. Loomis ...but then again it just might be the rods I have been exposed to. Really starting to appreciate the G.Loomis rods more and more for their castability/fish fighting...nice :) :beer1: :beer1:

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