Fun and progressive day on the Cedar...(pic heavy)

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    I'll call it "progressive" because it got progressively better and more interesting as the day went on. I got a late start, in the water at 9:00 and was flipping my bow candy stone with a prince nymph dropper in some little pools and cutbanks, but I was headed to the pool that has been haunting me since I lost that monster rainbow there a few weeks ago.
    I fished it thoroughly without so much as a bump. I started working downstream, and then fished a really challenging plunge-pool with some really hard to reach pockets. After some serious work to get a good drift, I nailed two feisty cutties on the back side of it in some soft water.
    WP_20130812_001.jpg I moved down and fished the tailout and then hooked into what I thought was a big trout, but turned out to be a strong whitefish that took a while to get in. (they love the prince nymphs)
    I continued fishing the tailout and got this nice 10" cut right before moving on. WP_20130812_004.jpg
    I worked on and then was looking around and listening to the river at a calm spot as I tended to my leader, and saw this sitting in a pile of leaves at the bottom of the pool I was standing is getting are getting bigger and I am making money now!!
    I got two nice bows and dropped my phone in the water both times trying to take pictures.....not sure why I was so picture happy today....miraculously my phone is still alive and kicking.

    I decided to walk back and be finished, but was going to hit that one pool that haunted me one more time. On the way there, I saw a fish surface feeding in a little pocket by a stump that I had previously passed up, thinking nothing was there. I tied on a yellow stimey and flipped it through his feeding lane and got this really nice 15" bow....totally surprised me.
    Then I hit the last pool one more time. After a ton of terrible casts, I tied on a SJW with a different golden stone dropper (I had lost my last bow candy), and when eventually got this big fella on the stone.
    I was going to call it a day since I had literally put 30 casts through that hole, most of them horrible drifts, and I was determined to get one really good dead drift across the seam on the back side of the run just to feel good about myself. After three passes I was able to mend in the air and then a couple fast on the water and got the picture perfect drift I was looking for. I smiled to myself and the WHAM.....this guy hit the SJW and then parked in the middle of the pool. He felt a lot bigger and put up a really fun fight, but I got him in some slow water and lost my net in the process...he just barely touched under the 18" mark on my stream tape. Was a ball, not my monster, but a great fish that put quite a bend in the new 3wt.

    Pretty satisfying morning on the Ceedey....started got successively larger....made $20....I am no complaints here. I should put that $20 towards a stream more cell phone on the river for me!

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    Nice report! Twenty bucks richer, too. My professional advice is to take that money straight to the strip club. Barring there aren't any, deposit it into the nearest Indian casino slot machine. Guaranteed
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    It's all relative. To me an 18 incher on a 3 wt would BE a monster! Congrats!
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    Nice report.

    Somewhere in Renton there is a tweaker who is twenty dollars poorer.
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    Yea....he was big, but didn't have that brute look. There is something gnarly that happens to these Cedar bows when they start getting over 19-20" and they thicken way up....lip curls a bit....colors really deepen. Hopefully I can find another one of those before it closes.
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    The common thinking is that Cedar River rainbows are steelhead that have altered their lifecycle from anadromous to adfluvial. They now spend their time between the lake where they get big on perch, sticklebacks, etc and the river.

    To create a freshwater port for the whaling fleet, logging etc the Army Corps needed a constant source of water to manage the lake level for the Locks. A few years before the locks were built the path of the Cedar had been altered from the Black River/Green to flow into Lake Washington changing the salmon and steelhead runs for ever. These rainbows are the ancestors of those steelhead that used to go to the ocean.

    That large one you caught almost looks like it she could be a half-pounder, sleek and nickle bright.
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    That's really interesting, and its also funny that you described it that way. When I pulled it out of the water, it completely reminded me of the half-pounders runs I have seen on the Rogue.
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    Nice report.
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    Very nice!
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    Thank you for the fun report. Those tinkering days are the greatest, and you made $$ on top of it all. Excellent work, and an 18" fish on a 3wt makes for a successful day in my book.
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    I like this!!!
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    Fish on! Looks like your were fishing a big hopper/ant.
    I had a hog fly two feet out of the water last night and completely miss my fly
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  13. tinman207 Active Member

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    That's actually just a Pat's stone, tied with a variegated umber and yellow -gold chenille. I had one of those aerial misses yesterday too when using the yellow stimulator; a nice bow cleared the water and slapped on it's side. That would have been a spectacular hookup mid-air.
    I wish the Cedar was open just a few more weeks so we could chase the big trout that follow the sockeye in.
  14. golfman44 Coho Queen

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    When exactly does it close?
  15. Jason Rolfe Wanderer

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    End of the month
  16. Stew McLeod aka BigMac

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    closes end of the month .... nice report tinman
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    I always think the fish that do this are cross eyed...and they hit the wrong image of the two they saw! ;)