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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by pcknshvl, Aug 22, 2011.

  1. pcknshvl

    pcknshvl Member spite of the crowded beach. Saw one buzz-bombin' gal hook up on her third cast, and it was a hatchery coho. Lots of pinks being caught by the gear guys.

    The fun part is a nice young guy I met from Colorado. He's staying out near the Fred Hutch as a family member is being treated (sucessfuly, it sounds like) for cancer. He bussed to Lincoln Park from there, and caught a salmon. I saw him hook up again, too. Nothing like coming from a land-locked state, riding a bus in waders through a major metropolitan area to a beach, and catching a fun, seasonal fish. He was pretty happy about the whole thing.

  2. Ian Broadie

    Ian Broadie Flyfishing is so "Metal"

    Absolutely wonderful! As I like to say, fishing is not always about catching... or even fishing itself.
  3. Matthew Gulbranson

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    Tom, that is great report. Good to hear that the guy from CO got into a fish!