Fun times on the Rock Creek River

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Michael Morris, Aug 27, 2013.

  1. I've fished Rock Creek many times over the years and have never caught a brookie downstream of the forks, which are wa-a-a-a-y upstream of where Michael caught that one. I think they are rare in the mainstem Rock Creek.
  2. I caught the Brooke at 2nd fishing access spot once ur off 90 I believe. Can't remember the name of it thou.
  3. I normally fish the San Poil for a day, every year on my way over to Rock Creek and then hit Kelly Creek on the way back.
    The San Poil is more hit or miss with typically smaller fish, although if the conditions are right, the fishing can pretty good - that doesn't seem to happen very often, at least during the time of year I get to fish it.
    I've had days were I've had to fish subsurface and only caught a few smallish fish, although I did manage to pull this one out on one those bad days.

  4. I love Rock Creek. I have fished there about 25 times since I moved to Missoula 18 months ago. But it weirds me out that so many people go there on big vacation fishing trips. I have found better small-stream fishing, with lots of 14-20" cutthroats, all over Western MT. Even in areas without grizzly bears, just like RC.
  5. I found a little creek outside of Dell, Mt. That hold all kinds of trout. Not cooky cutter size but all sizes. I usually just fish the small skinny water in the summertime. More fish and no people. And I have yet to run across any big wild animals. I see Antelope every once in a while, but nothing else.

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