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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by rockfish, Sep 20, 2002.

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    3 friends of mine were snagging salmon on the skok yesterday in front of some guy and they were telling the guy how easy it is to snag these salmon. well he was a game warden and all 3 tickets were between 700-900$ apiece. just thought it was pretty funny. later Ben
  2. Chris Scoones Administrator

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    Too funny. Thanks for tossing that along, I needed a laugh. ~Chris
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    That means the department now has atleast $2100.00 dollars they can put towards issues that need attention. :CLOWN LOL great story, bet they wont be bragging about those fish.

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    We used to fish the skok for chum on the reservation when I was younger, and the fish can stack in some of those holes so thick, it gets hard not to snag fish, but it's boring to foul hook a freight train. I must say that this is great, It proves that there are some agents that really do care and will take the time to look at the places where there is a problem. Now, if we could only get the W.D.F.W. to pay attention when we report poachers, they may possibly show up when we call them about these things!
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    Nice to hear that the game warden caught a few. I wish more were caught. I would love to see the fines used to go after more of these law breakers. Maybe if enough were caught and fined like that word would get around and the fish would have a better chance. I have no problem with people keeping a legally caught fish or two. I plan to keep a 3 or 4 salmon from the South Sound and some white fish from some lake or river for the smoker this year myself. But those that catch fish like that, do not not give the fish a fair shot.
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    funny thing is that the undercover told my buddies there is some fish in this hole and they all went for them. no license on one, 2 treble hooks tied with a salmon leader with a buzzbomb in the middle, snagging, and continuing to fish with everyones limit on the bank. yep he told my buddies there the best snaggers he's seen. :TSKTSK
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