Furled leaders and chironomids

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Evan Sjovold, Mar 22, 2013.

  1. Hi

    I've been doing some reading on here and other forums on fishing with furled leaders. I do a fair bit of my fishing in still water and enjoy fishing chironomids under indicators. Presently I use 15' tapered leaders and extend them as needed with fluorocarbon tippet. I was wondering if anyone uses furled leaders for this style fishing and how well they work. If so what length of leader are you using and is it thread or monofilament.

    Thanks for the info

  2. Hmmmmm...Evan, 15' tapered leader? I just use a 9' tapered leader and add on when necessary. I hate casting anything longer than 13'-15' with a bobber, but that's just me. As far as furled leaders, haven't thought about it or tried it. I like to keep things as simple as possible. Just my .02
  3. Never tried it, but furled leaders are generally made of mono. Mono will float. Furled you will have several lengths of mono together. I would imagine it would be rather difficult to get it down to the fish.
    Just a thought. Others might have better information.
  4. I tried furled leaders once, for river fishing, and they would sink when doing long drifts, and they hold water in the rules so it was very splashy picking up to recast. Don't care for them. For stillwater I think they would not work well. They are very supple and it seems it would be tough to turn over the indicator and flies. I use a 6 foot leader or less and add 4 pound fluoro as it sinks much faster than the fatter and tapering mono leader.

  5. Hopefully Blue will chime in on this. she makes them and I think fishes them a lot, or you could private message her.
  6. I just made one last night with the stillwater in mind. The ones I have made seem to do a good job getting sub-surface with only a slightly weighted fly, but don't sink on their own. Would be even better I think with flouro tippet but I'm too cheap so far to buy any. The furls would be a good place to add sinkant (or floatant) but I haven't found it necessary yet. My mine reason for making them is because they are very resistant to wind knots and I was tired of destroying tapered leaders on every outing. I haven't found them to be too splashy on pickup.

    The one I made last night is 7.5 feet and will probably turnover 6-8 feet of 5x or 6x. I am not sure how it will perform with an indicator, but I think it will be okay. I make it with .004" nylon monofilament thread, with 5 tapers spaced to ensure smooth energy transfer/turnover.

    Hope to get out on Sunday and try it out in a stillwater scenario, but I have used nothing but furled leaders or sinking polyleaders for the last several months, and I don't see myself going back to tapered mono leaders any time soon.
  7. I use a slip indicator with almost all of my vertical presentations and the hole in the black peg unless you drill it out tends to stick on knots. If you tooth pick it you should be fine but then you have the whole pull it out with your teeth problem during deeper presentations. So anything under say 10' and you should be fine.
  8. Not trying to be a smart a$$ but would not the hemostats be useful to remove the toothpick? Just a thought.
  9. I dont fish furled leader when indicator fishing, particularly deep fishing under a slip indicator.
    Nothing very elegant about the big loops I cast when indicator fishing.
    Also, I may be fixing the indicator anywhere, including up near the leader/line connection if thats the depth I need.

    I understand about furled leaders for casting and surface presentation, I think. I feel like I'm missing something here in this discussion.

  10. A toothpick requires one to stop fighting the fish and remove the toothpick in order to land the fish. The indicator is usually set a ways up the line and possibly higher up than the rod is long.
  11. No big deal, I'm talking about when you are fishing deep with a corky and toothpick and you can't reel up enough to land a fish so you have to "pop" the indicator (with amazing grace and tremendous skill grab the leader while the fish is fighting put the corky/toothpick in your teeth and pull the toothpick out thus allowing the corky to slide again).

    I guess if you were truly skilled you could swing the indicator toward the hemos and eloquently slip the toothpick out, but man that is way beyond my skills.
  12. Ira, fishing a bubble with a deep chironomid is beyond my humble skills.
  13. I've never used a furled leader and I was just wondering how they would work for hanging chironomids under an indicator. A friend of mine uses them all the time on lakes but he has never tried them with indicators.
  14. So I guess here is what I would recommend.

    If you are fishing under an indicator 5 feet or less, if you want to use a furled leader, go ahead. It might improve the casting. Here I am thinking the indicator will be beyond the end of the furled leader, and up to 5 feet of leader/tippet beyond the indicator.

    But if you are fishing deep with a slip indicator, stick with a conventional leader.

  15. Thanks for the information Jay. So you don't think slip indicators will work on a furled leader? Another question. How much tippet can you put onto one. If you were to fish a floating line and a long leader?

  16. Okay, so I tried this out over the weekend. It worked OK, but I wouldn't say it was any better than that, and Ira would probably agree. Furled leader was 7.5' with about 6-8' flouro tippet. It caused some issues with indicators but it seemed to get down okay with 2 weighted flies.

    I don't think you are better off with the furled leader if you are a good caster, but I'm not. I like it because it doesn't get so many tangles in it, although I still get enough in my tippet. If you aren't having issues with your current leaders, then I don't think it's worth it to switch. They are sort of fun to make though, if you are in to that sort of thing.
  17. Thanks for the info anti.team.

    I'm still considering picking one up to try this spring. Unfortunately fishing season is still a couple months away here.

    You said you make furled leaders. How are you making them and what are you using. I've seen videos of basically just twisting two and four strands of mono together. To some pretty elaborate jigs to make leaders that have 5 steps to them. Also what are you using for materials.


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