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  1. I didn't put the skegs on yet so I battled the wind pretty much like on my Predator. I have been told the Skegs will make a difference. Next trip out I will use them. Bad thing is, got Easter this weekend with family and next weekend at a Fly Tying Expo in I.F. I want to take it with me and hit some water on the way back.

    One thing I did find out. With it sitting flat in the water, when I tried to pick it up buy the handles under the bags, it is like a giant suction cup. List the foot bar first and it is a piece of cake.
  2. So are the skegs on the twin front hulls or on under the motor end? Seems like you'd have to have them on different ends depending on which way you planned to move...

  3. You could be right in that I do go backwards most times. With them on and me sitting higher, I will try going forward and then they are in the right spot. But, I have been town then track better even going backwards. I don't think it is bad without, but better could be good.
  4. I bought this boat, and after putting it together I thought it was a little heavy. NFO website says it weighs 28 pounds but mine with nothing on it weighs 45 pounds. I'll have to think of some type of wheel system if I want to fish Lenice.
  5. Seriously? Mine feels heavier but not 45lbs. I know with it laying flat in the water, I tried to pick it up and it was like a suction cup. I had to lift the front first which worked out great. I just weighed mine rolled up and got 30lbs. What are you filling yours with...LOL
  6. Maybe the air is heavier in Washington. Mine is a different color than yours, it's blue and white with a orange strip.
  7. Cool, I didn't know they came in different colors. Can you post a picture?

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