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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by MacRowdy, Nov 16, 2007.

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  1. Hello all. Here are a few photos to showcase some of the work. The Flasks are a popular custom item and can be customized any way you want. I am busy but can always make time for custom jobs or special requests.

    Please contact me for further inquiries (PM or phone). I take paypal check or money order. And I'll put initials on the wallets before I ship out.


    Marc "Rowdy"

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  2. Those smaller sizes are sweeeeet.
    Ya got me thinking.
  3. Mac give me the info again and i will paypal ya for the brown head shot. great work as always

  4. Mac nice talking with you yesterday. Look forward to getting my new wallet. The wallets you make would make anyone a hero at Christmas high dollar gift at a bargin price . Look forward to fishing with you when your on the westside.

    thanks again zane
  5. MAC...those are sweet. I gotta have the Mayfly. It's the perfect size for my Lone Lake bugs. PM me with your address and I'll get a check to you.
  6. bump I have two of mac's wallets guys you can't go wrong for Christmas gifts.

  7. Thanks Mac. Great work on those wallets. I love them.
  8. PM sent ....
  9. Thank you gents. You're all pretty classy fellas with really good taste! :) iagree

    I have three perfect mayfly 4x3" stocking stuffers $29 look just like this one.

    And I have this Westslope 5x4" cutty which is my personal favorite for $59.

  10. Got the Mayfly wallet today, looks even better than the picture.
    Nice work Mac. :beer2:
  11. Put one of those mayflys on a key chain fob, and I'm all over it.
  12. You know Scott, I was just thinking the exact same thing! New designs soon!

  13. Oh Man, That's a great idea, I'm going to have to have one of those also, Hey Mac, can I claim you as a dependent on my tax return??
  14. Mac, Got the other two wallets today...they look great, as always.:thumb:
  15. Hey Mac, which one's are the money wallets? and what are we talking for prices for those guys? Pm welcomed.
  16. pm sent
  17. Got my two, one for me and one as a gift for my uncle, yesterday and they look great! The flies that you put in both are awesome as well.

    Thanks again! It's going to be hard to ship my uncles off, I might want to keep it! :p
  18. Haha good lucks since his initials are already on it! haha :)

    Glad you like the work Bill!

  19. My middle name is Edward, so I'm halfway there! :clown:
  20. Received and looks great Mac .. nice stocking stuffer for my son.

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