FYI: Boat-ban suggested for Klickitat, Hoh, other rivers

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Dan Nelson, Jul 13, 2012.

  1. Long overdue. The fish in that Klick canyon get pounded for months on end. They need something to lighten the pressure on every single holding pocket day in and day out.
  2. There's undoubtedly seniors and mobility challenged individuals that would likely give up fishing were it not for the occasional float. Them aside, I'd love to see a ban like that. Fish deserve significant places of refuge in the river where they are difficult to fish too. Boats virtually eliminate that.
  3. Not sure how I feel about the sol duc and calawah changes.

    Guides can't effectively fish clients from the bank in these sections and therefore will move into already crowded zones which I can't imagine will change the overall impact by much. The impact is already minimal in the proposed sections relative to the tamer flows surrounding, so it would make more sense to me to place the ban on the more crowded areas BUT I can see why they didn't go there ; )
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  4. Those are the only two rivers I wasn't fully in agreeance on as well. The Duc has been getting absolutely hammered... But so has every other river out there. I think the Hoh, at least above 101, absolutely needs that regulation.
  5. OMFG!!! I dont care how you word this, if you want to protect,then stop fishing. Period!!!! Oh wait,we can just takeaway someone else's fishing style,thats the answer......from a hater!!
  6. This would be Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I agree with this regulation on the Klick. It's not saying you can't still boat, but you need to stop, get out, and fish a hole/run and then move to the next. I see nothing wrong with this.
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  8. nobody's fishing "style" is impacted. you can drift fish, float fish, plug fish (side planer), spoon fish, spinner fish, bait fish, bead fish, bobberdog, and fly fish under these regs. you just have to do all of that while standing on terra firma.

    if you have to fish out of a boat, fish tiny baits, and kill loads of juvenile and resident trout along with sea-run cutthroat and never stop fishing because there is no c&r limit even if you have your one wild steelhead on ice then maybe you should reconsider your "style."
  9. gill nets are a fishing style too
  10. Agreed. I fished the Sol Duc w/ a guide last March and we fished bobbers from a boat the whole day because there was no other alternative.
  11. I'm surprised the Methow wasn't listed.
  12. Already happened on the lower stretch. The boat pressure on that river isn't nearly as extreme as the others since it's a pretty gnarly row through most sections.
  13. I don't see how any conscientious angler can be against this proposal. The current state policy of "kill then closure" managing rivers for steelhead is obviously not the answer.

    The Skagit is a stark reminder of where we are headed without changes.
  14. Ok, keep in mind that I primarily wade fish for steelhead. I think I've fished from a boat like once in 3-4 years. However, in the spirit of food for thought, I have often wondered if we should outlaw wade fishing and require all angling to be from a boat. I see anglers trampling redds constantly, fly and gear. It has ocurred to me that this might be worse than boats, IF boats were prohibited from anchoring and only allowed to launch in designated spots (to control shore and bank damage). Like I said, just food for thought. It shouldn't impact anyone's choosen method anymore than 'no boat' angling and would serve to protect redds and our future fish. I will have to read the report though as I respect WSC's opinion.
  15. From talking to some biologists I fish with, anglers trampling redds is typically not much of an issue, even in high traffic areas. Not saying we should be careless, but they say the weight of the average human isn't enough to really do damage to a redd in most situations. Just what I've been told, I have little else to back that up.
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  16. I'm cool with boats on the duc.

    There's a ton of no boat water on the bogi hoh and calawah - just have to do some hiking.

    Counted 22 boats on the lower hoh last year in 6 hours. I think limiting the number of guides would be a better option for most those rivers.
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  17. That would be a good step in my opinion, though tough to enforce. Those that get pushed out will resort to "taking buddies fishing." the same buddies who like to pitch in $400 for the gas and shuttle.

    I'd like to see at least a few of our rivers managed as quality fisheries. Right now, WDFW doesn't seem to care about that as far as fish go. There are plenty of quality hunt areas... Why not a quality fishery?
  18. Love it.
  19. Those sections that are affected by the proposed closures see very little boat traffic. I live on the sol duc just below bear creek and I see maybe two or three boats a day go down there and only when flows are optimal. I agree with the Bogi and the Hoh.
    I am tired of seeing people casting their bobbers at the flags that the tribe marks as reds. I would rather see them close it at the end of march instead of april. I saw fish spawning on the sol duc around the first of June this year.

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