FYI: Boat-ban suggested for Klickitat, Hoh, other rivers

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Dan Nelson, Jul 13, 2012.

  1. Wow, lets just foot the bill,pay for everybody to own a boat,then we're equal,then ban them! Otherwise dead end road:)
  2. While casting between the sleds today I contemplated the idea of closing rivers for recovery, but then wondered what would happen after they were re-opened. The resulting even greater crowds and pressure on fish would require some kind of regulations and restricdtions to keep what was gained. Just can't see how restrictions can be avoided to keep wild fish.
  3. Like I said; everything that has happened before, on steelhead rivers throughout this region- closures etc- will happen again.

    People say that closing the rivers has not brought back the fish.
    Well maybe they waited too long and closed them too late. (Or we could blame it on the oceans.)

    People say that if we fishermen are not allowed on the rivers to fish and advocate for the fish all will be lost. How's it going so far?

    People say the word "Opportunity".
    I say we need to allow the fish the opportunity to spawn. That should be the only opportunity we advocate for.

    People say that they want the Tribal fishermen to stop netting in the rivers. Those same people want to continue to fish in the rivers themselves.

    It's alright. Really- after all of the fish are gone, and the rivers have been shut down, we can all be friends again.
  4. thanks Bob. i realized years ago that i was one of the problems with steelhead recovery. there is about 2" of dust on top of those steelhead rod cases. the good news is there are plenty of other quality flyfishing opportunities in our world.

  5. aren't you a guide on the OP?
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  6. Hahaha, classic. I wasn't going to say anything, but now I would like to hear a rebuttal. How do you justify guiding with an opinion like that? I decided to put aside aspirations of guiding for steelhead, singularly due to the condition of our fisheries. Sure would like to hear your perspective on this issue, as well as how you generally fish clients on the OP. Dollars to doughnuts you run the bobber on the go primarily like the rest of them, which means you stand to loose something from this proposed legislation.
  7. Actually, he only does walk and wade unless something has changed...and I don't think it has.
  8. Don't he and his clients jump in with PFD's on and bobbercate their way from run to run?
  9. Then he runs in an incredible minority, and I apologize for my assumption. I am still curious how he justifies guiding clients, and still holds to the ideology that these fisheries are in dire need of recreational fishing closures. Seems kind of contradictory. Unless.......he's luring clients into paying for trips, and then spending the day enlightening them on how we need to fix our broken fisheries. Haha.....which would be awesome.
  10. So, going to jump from assumption to assumption. Haha..... awesome. :rolleyes:
  11. Only in jest. Just trying to understand where he is coming from on a single point. I'd actually like to hear what he has to say, because it is a subject that I debate with myself and others quite frequently. Forgive me again for my lack of tact.
  12. JS, I'm in no position to criticize anyone for a lack of tact...
  13. Ill take this one:) Js,where do you come off trying to bash a guide who probably has been at it the " right way" since before you ever wet a line?? Tool comes to mind but that's just an assumption!! Could be wrong but ill let you prove that with your next post...... Bob is a great steward and responsible guide,how many can say that before the dollar signs get in the way? Eat it.......
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  14. Just asking a question. I thought that I made that clear. Actually, I don't believe that I bashed anyone. There sure is some f*cking peach skin around here.
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  15. Wasn't going to chime in on this one but the last few posts have gone off course.

    If steelhead fishing with rod & reel is a sporting endevour, why would anyone, guide or not, feel threatened by a "no fishing from a floating device" regulation on rivers retaining wild steelhead populations? Not sure "wild" steelhead should be the standard...well maybe but challenging fishing is good, it's the best actually.

    This type of regulation will only equalize the opportunity for anglers. Good guides will still catch more fish...though maybe not as many. The challenge for all would be the same but some water is difficult...

    Came across the term "conservation water" a while ago and understood the concept. Steelhead need some water where they can rest for a while, with limited looks at hooks. It should not be gear guys against fly guys or guides against recreational anglers. It should be about the fish and increasing their economic value. The more valuable the fish, the more motivation to preserve. That's the way economics works...add value and you'll get more of them. Works every time on everything!!!
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  16. My fishing experience would be threatened on the upper bogy or the hoh above morgans because most of the good spots can be fished from the bank and with the number of steelhead anglers on the rise there would surely be boats pulled over with anglers in all of them all day long and ethics will be challenged. People will quickly figure out how to get at those distant lying fish from shore and start spending more time on water they would have otherwise made one pass at out of a boat. At certain flows this scenario could only get worse, and on some weekends I can imagine folks will end up rowing through their floats because all the spots had waiting lines. Meanwhile all the people who either won't go fishing unless they can fish from their boat OR can't catch a fish unless they pay a guide to row them into one will be putting in downstream and adding to the congestion thus threatening everybody else's experience. That said, the amount of fish hooked in the proposed sections will decrease but the amount of opportunity lost at the expense of an increase in escapement that is negligible at best makes it hard to support.
  17. You made a few assumptions, dollars to donuts?? Remember , funny way to inquire,while throwing poop......ive been here too long to get ribbed by amateur night tactics, carry on.
  18. I don't follow...
  19. Six years ago before the Skagit closed and some of the carpet baggers showed up. Nobody floated the upper bogie and the very few floated the Hoh from the parkline down to morgans. Now the bogie is busy with boats and the upper Hoh from Spruce creek down can be a clusterfuck. I have no problem with no boats on either of those two sections. You can fish most of the Hoh without stepping foot in a boat. I quit fishing the upper rivers when i saw all the reds that were marked.
  20. Bhudda is right about me making assumptions but I can't help looking at the worst case scenarios while the number of steelhead anglers keeps going up and more people are figuring out how to catch them. If it's open and in shape, people will be there

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