Gallatin River

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    Now that I'm self employed I can do things like spend two weeks visiting family and working from their house ... and hit the gallatin in the afternoons. I did quite a bit of fishing on the gallatin from Big Sky on down around Four corners. The fishing was great! My best day was 18 fish, fifteen from one run. Weather for the most part was great, nice and warm in the sun, cold in the shade and in the evenings. It could get frustrating trying to get a few more casts in and have your guides freeze up on you, but after a good day of fishing, one shouldn't complain. I attached a few picts you can see more here in my album

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    Good going on the fish.

    But on another note. I was in a doctors waiting room today waiting on the wife and I was reading a Field and Stream. There was a small write up in there about this river. They said it was one of Montana's best kept secrets. Well If it is in a U.S. wide magazine you can bet it won't be a secret long. I guess some writers just can't keep their pens dry.

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    Beautiful fish.
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    I think it's one of those rivers that has the blessings of being surrounded by a lot more famous rivers. Though while I was out on the irver I ran into lots of fisherman ... though as usual hike a ways down stream and you leave everyone behind ...
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    Nice shots of nice fish. We have had some nice weather lately, but, now the wind is back. The Gallatin has been fishing pretty decently lately. I hope to float the lower section this weekend. I would like to kindly disagree with that Field & Stream article. The Gallatin is no secret.
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    The Gallatin a secret... ya right lol....
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    The Gallatin River a SECRET! There maybe 1 or 2 fishermen that didn't know about it, but now they DO...:rolleyes:
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    Very nice! March and April are the best times to fish that river. Little hint, Manhattan.