Gallery steelhead pics????

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Panhandle, Feb 22, 2007.

  1. Panhandle Active Member

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    Zen and the boys are the king of fish porn. I've got to express something that's been weighing on me, maybe I'm jealous, I don't get out enough, I'm lame... whatever. I really don't get it. I've never taken a camera with me steelheading and have no desire to depict me experience to other people. The way I perceive it, these fishing trips are more about catching fish so that you can post pics, than about the actual experience. I'm cool with the new Gen X fly-fishing thing, but modesty is lacking in a real bad way. I really don't give a shit if they're hatchery fish or not... respect! You guys are badass, but leave a little to the imagination. Just saying..
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    Hmm, Well if this site didn't have pics of fish, it would be like magazines not having pics of fish---real boring.

    I can understand how it might affect you and others that do not like pics. Since most of the pics are in the gallery, one can just stay in the forums area.

    I will almost always take a camera with me steelheading. I want to capture the moment and share them with family and friends, and myself during those long winter months of solitude.

    Now I'm getting into video. That is a whole new dimension.

  3. mike doughty Honorary Member

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    each to his own, but for me i always take my camera with me, i love taking pics. i used to love going to my grandparents house and looking through my granpas old fishing and hunting pics and i hope to share the same with my grandkids.
  4. WaFlyCaster Tricoptera

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    this is the way i see it... if i catch something "interesting" like a new species of fish I havent caught before...or the largest of any one species then I will take the photos... as for takin pictures of hatchery bonkers... I have taken a few in the past but not in quite a while... and as for salmon I dont take many photos unless i get a HUGE one.. especially when im fishing out in the salt... otherwise id have no room left in my gallery from saltwater caught coho/king/rockfish/lingcod etc... But I guess my point is that if im catching tons of the same species of fish over and over... i dont see a point in taking photos of each one... but then i do see a point in taking a photo of the anomaly or odd one in the bunch whatever it might be.
  5. Chris Scoones Administrator

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    Four more guys with cameras and you could pull off bullet vision. :rofl:

  6. Will Atlas Guest

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    here's the way I see it....
    I enjoy looking at photos of my fish and the fish of others. Steelhead are beautiful creatures and there is nothing like a nice photo that does them justice as an animal. As far as fishing ethics, I see nothing objectionable about photographing fish, or even posting the photos on the internet if you feel so inclined (so long as posting the photos doesnt create undue pressure which could harm the fish/fishery). I understand the aesthetic questions raised by this post, and to be frank that is a big hullaballo over photographing a fish. Still no moral objections as long as the fish arent hurt, just different strokes.
    Maybe we should ask Andy himself rather than just speculating, but I'd bet he posts photos of his steelhead on this board largely because others enjoy looking at them. Ultimately, who knows, I post a few of my fish when I feel bored/excited, and I generally like talking to folks about the photos in the gallery section. I'm not a huge fan of the sort of kill 'em all "Gen X" fly fishing approach you reference, but I'm not sure those guys are necessarily good examples of those type of people. Also, I'm not sure, but I think Zen catches a heck of alot more fish than he posts.


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    skwala thats the beauty of this site. Each of us can express
    ourselfs as we see fit within the guidelines and rules of this site. You are just in a diffrent place in your evolution than Zen and the boys and like me your extremly F-in jelous. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK AND REMEMBER YOU CAN ABSTIAN FROM FISH PORN YOU HAVE A CHOICE.

    Good fishing, Zane
  8. Jason Baker Member

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    I think I puked in my mouth a little....
  9. Nick Riggs I've been known to fish from time to time...

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    What's the point of catching a big fish if you can't remember it with a picture? I don't catch alot of fish, and when I do, you bet your ass I'm going to post a picture. If you don't want to look at the pictures, don't, it's that simple.
  10. jabseattle jabs

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    I laughed when I first read this. I'm like WTF cabin fever, jealousy or is this some dude (okay I took back old) trying to blindside our boy Zen.

    This is the way I see it. If you don't like it than don't look at it. Andy and the boyz are doing what they do (which is being fishing Machines) and recording their outing in their own way. Is this the end of cabin fever?

    Though most of my pics don't get posted as it's my personal choice..oh did I hit that personal choice.. kinda like nymphing..personal choice...nuff said
  11. Steelie Mike Active Member

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    Will is right about this one. Zen is a monster! I do post pics from time to time and do not post pics of every steelhead I catch. I do post memorable ones or pics from a great outting or trip. I also find myself deleting pics from time to time. I for one like seeing pics that are posted from friends on the site. For one it is a great report on the areas that they fish and second they give me motivation when I have that next day off. I am doing that right now while at work.
  12. OhioOutdoorsman New Member

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    I take pictures because without pictures all I would have are fish stories. I grew up with the point of fishing being getting something to eat. I even had one particularly large fish mounted. Since getting into flyfishing and coldwater fishing, I practice C and R 99% of the time now and taking a picture is a nice way of being able to have something tangible to share with others while still practicing catch and release. I don't take pics of every fish, just enough to tell a story.
  13. Wayne Jordan Active Member

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    I'll sum it up for you. A picture is worth a thousand words, and the diary of my life that I'll pass on to the next generation. So when I compare my photo album to those of my father and grandfather I feel that we've come a long way in regards to the conservation of the sport; because all of their fish wound up on stringers, while my fish and my kids fish will live to swim another day.

    So rock on Gen-X, rock on!
  14. Old Man Just an Old Man

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    Unless those are fish from Oregon or California and are Washington fish they were all against the law taking those fish out of water. I understand all about the hero shots but holding those big fish that far out of the water. Come on. And Zen is the first one to bitch if somebody holds a fish in the wrong way.

    Is it just a two way street for the way one feels at the time?????????????

    I also take a camera with me but it seems to fall in the river or I forgot I got it with me.

  15. gt Active Member

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    i am long past the need to record every fish. only new species or really big critters are posing at this point in my fishing career. the handling rule is interesting and i for one will be carefully looking at any jpeg posted. but, if you only catch an occasional fish or are new to the game, click on........
  16. Chris Scoones Administrator

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    Idaho Jim, Idaho.
  17. OhioOutdoorsman New Member

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    You mean washington has a fish handling rule? :confused:

    Please inform me of this, I will be fishing in washington, on the yakima for the first time in two months and I'm done trying to find regs on washington's friggin maze of a website. :beathead:

    If I grew up in washington, I probably wouldn't be fishing at all, because it seems so complicated there. Don't know how you get many new people into the sport with the rules the way they are.......and maybe thats the intention.
  18. Panhandle Active Member

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    I have realistic expectations. Don't think I didn't anticipate getting my ass chewed off. Attacking Zen and the boyz in the hood, or whatever it's called, is a step down form calling out a moderator. This was a selfish attempt to make myself feel better and it worked. Thanks for the refresher on the first amendment.... I know I don't have to look! But, like everyone else, I love looking at the gallery and viewing fish. However, every time I pull up the steelhead gallery and see another round of "the boyz" pics I literally get embarrassed for them, the fish, and for myself. Basically, I'm perplexed by the motivation behind it. To each their own, I'm expressing mine, and again.... just sayin'
  19. agent montana This Must be a sickness!! MARINATE!!!

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    I like Pics cause I am a porn star! I want to start a magazine with naked women holding fish! We'll call it Jugs and Tugs!

    You guys really need to fish! Aren't there fish in the water? Scoones can you get me a Washington Hateradefishing hat? Or better yet just call it Washington Haterade..Cause I swear hat 80% of these guys don't fish!
  20. Jay Thacker Here fishy, fishy, fishy

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    If Zen didn't take pic's who would believe the stories he tells? He sings on American Idol (JK, but there is an amazing resemblence) and catches steel like nobody's biznass. I also know he catches more fish then the pictures he takes. Pleasent dreams.