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  1. you get embarrassed for the fish????? :rofl:
  2. Another thing is that any group of guys who are in college or high school will get to fish a lot and catch a lot more. I used to fish 200 days a year and catch A LOT more fish than I do now. Now I am grown up. Those of us that are adults with wives, kids (not me) mortgages et cetera.......we fish maybe 1/20th the amount of time Zen does probably less.

    Also fishing that much increases catches eponentially because you will see patterns and be able to predict where the fish will be like a guide. This is the reason guides do well, they fish nearly every day.

    I am sure Zen is an exceptional fisherman and could be the best on this forum but we'll have to wait and see how many pics he is posting in 10 years.
  3. Is this really an issue? so what if they post pics...I mean the fish are big but they are ugly old boots. Someone post some good steelhead pics. Show me some chrome.
  4. Thanks for sharing. To think of you sitting there spending your very own emotional currency on others and the fish, it's amazing you have any soothing left for yourself. The "boyz" thing, others piping in about being at "higher evolution" is all just too much (for me at least).

    Folks that find success in any arena, at least the high functioning areas, all are motivated by the reward of a successful day, however they define it, and the recognition that goes with it. Abraham Maslow studied and document level of human motivation and created what is called the Hierarchy of Needs. The only higher function level is called self- actualization. Check it out. I attached a graphic for understanding.

    I some way, everything we do is to satisfy a functioning need. Whether it's the gear we buy, the photos we take, the "level of evolution" we think we are at, or the projection we hope our posts cast; we are trying to satisfy one of our needs. Clearly we are not fishing for basic needs such as nourishment, so it's either social belonging or recognition that drive our fishing endeavors or passions.

    So fellows, I know where I am at. I love the social belonging this sport has given me. It has helped me to diversify my friends beyond the corporate shmucks (I am one of them) I work with to folks from all over that do all sorts of things. I don't enjoy fishing by myself 1/4 as much as I do with friends. To be honest, I also love the achievement I get to feel in this sport! To tie a fly, cast it to a picky fish, and hook-up is a feeling of success. Even more so, when it's a big fish, even more so when I do it more frequently and catch bigger fish than the guys I am with:thumb:

    I post a lot of pics and reports on this forum. I love guys who do the same. It sure would be boring here if all you ever saw was posts about the old days and bitching about fishing styles.

    I have had the pleasure of meeting Chris and I will tell you that he loves to catch fish. I have to imagine that this love prompted him to build this site. The site has attracted very diverse folks from bamboo lovers in Filson that brove native brookies to two-hand fanatics that swing for kings to the latest and greatest gear junkies that will hook into anything. We have folks on this forum who are seeking much different needs.

    I for one am just sick of the negative reoccuring themes on this site. So Whether you swing or nymph, use cane or graphite, float dries or bounce nymphs; just share your stories. They are appreciated!

    Guys, we know who the traditionalists, swingers, bamboo lovers, gear junkies, fish bums, and "new agers" are on this site are all too well. The debates are all too predictable with all the same characters. I've been guilty, many others as well. What do you say we just give it a rest????:confused:

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  5. lol

    Fishing is a journey and we are all on different paths.

    As far pictures go, I like to see a good photograph. Pictures fishing with friends and family are awesome. Strangers holding unspectacular fish on the internet.....not so awesome. Trying to photograph a catch while fishing by yourself usually isn't worth the trouble. The best picture I've taken this winter was of a rainbow (up in the sky) with Mt. Higgins in the background. It seems the only thing Sparkey's Law has done is give people something to talk (argue) about. Maybe it has educated some to the fact that fish don't breathe air even if there tails are in the water.
  6. ......Jason that picture of you with the rod in your mouth=:eek:
  7. Didn't your momma teach you the golden rule? :beer2:

    That emotican you chose means embarrassment. If you just mouse over the icon, it will tell you whta it means.

    If you meant embarrassed, NO NEED! I was in the Bahamas, on day 4 of an incredible trip, hooking into bones, barracuda, and sharks. If that gets you embarrassed, then I hope to drive you to incredible anxiety again in the near future.

  8. OK....

    Now, YOU show us some chrome...

    I got your back Zen. I figured you were probably hooked-up and unable to respond to the pundits...

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  9. I'm embararrassed for the guy taking a picture of a guy taking a picture of two guys taking a picture of a fish. Nice photo Chris. :D
  10. Personally, I love seeing all of the pics in the gallery - especially all the steelhead pics. They gallery is one of my favorite parts of this site. I like to see pictures of other people catching fish, having fun and sharing memories. I look forward to seeing new pics everyday I come here. It is fun to post pics and to share this with others as well - it's just like if you come home and tell your friends about the amazing fish you just caught. It is nice to be able to share the moment with others. Even though most of the people on the site are not your best friends or anything, it is a community of like interest. Definitely nothing wrong with this.

    Keep posting the pics! :thumb:
  11. Finally, somebody else that saw Zen on Idol!!
  12. Next time we should post a pictures like this. Then, no body will be embarrassed, even fish. (Just kidding! Relax...:beer2: )
  13. I gotta go with OMJ. I have a camera, but I'm always afraid I'm gonna break it or lose it or swamp it.
    I like the pictures. I think they are especially helpful in the C&R movement. You don't need to bring a fish home, just snap a picture and release.
  14. Good Pics, Good Fish, Good Times, keep catching them Zen.

    Me, I just love to fish, hope I never grow up, the body is much older than the mind.
  15. Hey guys,
    This is Zen posting from Mark Ritari's dorm. We are heading of for another fishing escapade in a few minutes so hopefully I will have some more pron for ya skwalla.

    Anyways I don't fish for the camera and actually don't usually bring a camera but I do fish with dudes who have cameras on hand. And yes, I don't put up pics of every steelhead I catch, about 1 in 10 usuallly. I use my gallery for other applications and its a nice place to host photos.

    Skwalla if you dont like it, just stop looking :D
  16. for once I agree with baker...we're wasting our time and passion arguing about aesthetics and whether nymphing is cool or not, and in the mean time our wild salmon and steelhead are disappearing from under our upturned noses.
  17. I've cought my fare share of fish and then some, I have taken pictures and I have choosen not to and there's been times I wish I had taken a camera with me yet for me it's not the act of catching fish that makes a day out, it's the fact that I am out and enjoying my self if you don't like the pictures that are posted don't look, myself I will probley not post one, don't need to don't have anything to prove. :)
  18. Looking to the future -

    You may have seen photos from the 19th Century Wild West of locals posing proudly beside the bodies of bullet-riddled outlaws (usually laid out in an open casket, leaning against a building), or photos, some more recent, of local citizens of Southern communities smirking beside the dangling bodies of lynched negroes.

    My point? Today's grip-and-grin trophy fish photo might be an outrage or embarrassment to your great grandchildren.

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