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  1. I have uploaded some pictures to start a new gallery and they have not posted yet. i uploaded them last friday-can anyone give me a hand?
  2. Hi Vern,

    I don't see any entries in your gallery, can you try and upload the pictures again? Make sure you follow all the instructions and have patience if you're on a slow connection as it may take several minutes for your computer to upload all your photos.

    Chris Scoones is gone for the rest of the week, he will be able to dig a little deeper if the problem continues when he returns.
  3. I tried re-posting them on saturday with no results as well and i did wait till they were done uploading........ill give it another try soon.
    thank you.
  4. Make sure you go through all the processing of the images, the gallery allows you to upload them, then it should prompt you for descriptions and titles and some other random information. Make sure you're working all the way through the end of the process.

    Are you sure the images you're uploading are valid file types (JPG, BMP, GIF, etc..)?
  5. I was succesful by uploading one at a time. it went quick so no big deal. One of the photos got uploaded twice tho and i want to be able to edit it out. how do i do that? also one of the descriptions is innacurate. how do i go about changing the gallery once photos are uploaded?
    thank you for your help!
  6. Glad to hear you got it figgured out. When you view your photo in the gallery there should be an "edit photo" link - click that and it will allow you to change the description. There should also be a delete photo check box in there that will allow you to delete your photos. If you can't figgure it out, let me know and I can delete the duplicate for you and edit your description.

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