Gangs in rural Grant County?

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  1. I'm amazed this is news to some. as said this is not a safe area at all and not just grant county. this area is a main hub for the mexican cartels and has been for some time. there are no police to protect you, its all desert open area and nobody ever calls the police when shots are fired. this is an area where solitude is not your best friend. stay where the numbers are. i made the mistake once and it almost cost me. yeah this is America but its only America part time out there off the beaten path.
  2. Don't you guys think your over reacting a tad? Roaming gangs of predator Mexican drug cartels targeting boat ramps? It's amazing I have ever survived a fishing trip judging by these posts.
  3. You guys now have me freaked......... Not sure if I should believe everything I read, but.... dang it, you sucked me in. What sort of pistol should I invest in?
  4. I'm kind of glad that I moved to Dillon,Mt. If a gang ever got started there the farmers/ranchers would just kill them all and bury them in the hills. These old boys don't put up with very much shit.
  5. Larry, I would really call the WDFW regional office and talk to them about hot spots and the safety of some areas. They have a good feel of areas to avoid. When I was a kid my dad and I would camp out in is old 67 GMC and fish many of the lakes over there. I have two daughters 4 and 7 now and I don't think I would camp at any of the lake lots in Grant County or on the Columbia Wildlife Refuge (Quail Lake), even with protection. Thats how much I've seen over the past few years duck hunting and with the discussion last season with the officer - Im sold.
  6. Interesting thread. anyone heard of a fisherman actually having a bad encounter with a gang, not just feeling unsafe? Not to say it hasn't happened, i just always heard gangs just F with other gangs. Dont like the trend here.
  7. I was talking with a friend of mine (he's my accountant) in eastern Washington. He is very involved in work interceding with kids in schools trying to get them connected with positive influence activities and people before the get "jumped" into the gangs. He said he carries everywhere and has been for a few years. Farmers are arming themselves now, too, especially when they have to tend frost control machines at night. It ain't safe in Kansas anymore, Todo.
  8. A WDFW Game Officer was taken hostage by 2 gang bangers while checking fishing licenses I think it was last year in the Crab Creek area. Grabbed him and took his service pistol. Yeh, they F with more than eachother. I have had bad encounters at Beda lake, Dusty and Quail Lake and was happy I was armed. I have fishing partners who have experienced the same. Most guys I know that fish and hike over here carry.

    You are fine in the Lenice parking area if others are around. When hiking and fishing remote areas in E Washington pay attention to your surroundings. People that live over here see it every day. Just an FYI
  9. Gangs in rural Grant County?

    Heard this KPLU radio report this afternoon about gangs being a problem in rural Grant County. I had no idea. Surprised me alot. (Link Below)

    This as the opening post on this thread. Pay attention, the devil is in the details.
  10. 12 gauge, 6 or more shot, short barreled shotgun loaded with #4 buck. Carry it slung across your back in plain sight. Even better, bring a friend also armed with a 12 gauge. A pistol will get you killed.
  11. I have lived here in Wenatchee for 20+ years and have hunted/fished Grant Co. all of that time.
    There are a lot of places I don't go anymore because of the mess (tags, garbage, etc.)
    I have not had any problems with gang type people.
    I will not be a victim, I will defend myself and you too.
  12. never leave home without dirty harry also there also a problem with the res and why do they have control over grant county pud and the shut down my r gate and if the mexicants wanna play they will be back across the border in a pine box where they came from shoot the illegal aliens not give them a shower and food and send them home cause they will be back for the same steak and shower!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Being from oregon it would be nice to know what the wash. laws are for gun carry !

    i know in oregon when ever you go to outdoor functions you can be armed - camping , fishing , hunting ! but also the laws are very strong on concealed carry . so i would suggest carry on hip or back like mentioned above ! i started packing a 44 mag with 7 inch barrel and had to read up on all the laws so i wouldn't get arrested myself ! i have a blonde hair pretty daughter and i also have a short barreled 20 gauge when ever i go camping and the such when she is with me ! that way if its dark in a camp and something happens you don't have to be that good of a shot !

    i watch a lot of home defense shows and techniques in carry and protection of home and person , i would suggest the same for others if you are going to carry ! one thing they teach is never point a gun at someone unless you plan on using it to kill them or shoot them .

    its also said that there is one sound like no other in the gun world that almost everyone knows , that is the sound of a pump shotgun ! the sound alone will tell someone to get the hell out of their , and not come back ! this would be good in a camp at night before things get to HOT ! thats why i have one in all my camps ! and at home - just the pump sound lets someone make a choice right away , and if they make the wrong choice you have already warned them !

    with the epidemic of heroin in the city's and the crack problem and most our jobs going to out of country migrants because they speak two languages the homeless people problem is everywhere and they can get very desperate at times ! my daughter is schooled in martial arts and i had her trap shooting at age 10 by age 12 she owned 3 shotguns and knows very well how to use them ! and she killed her first buck at 12 years old ! people in the city disagree with this concept of arming yourself until something happens to them - then its to late ! be safe and learn the laws !
  14. I don't know about Washington specifically, but I would heed the advice of those that are posting about this! This sounds all to familiar, similar to what is taking place in Arizona. Friends come to visit from the Midwest and they never knew I carried until I had to take action one evening. There is a reason I carry EVERYDAY and I also have two spare magazines with me as well. I am not going to be taken advantage of by a bunch of s*$&heads!

    For those who are serious about protecting themselves and their families, I strongly encourage you to get some of the books written by Massad Ayoob! Very informative with very practical information. Also, I forget the name of the company, I would have to check, but there is an insurance company out of Texas that provides "just incase" insurance for those who carry. I believe it is around $300 for a year for a couple/family and should you get into an incident, they handle the lawyers and fees (lawyers who specialize in CCW laws and cases) and everything else that goes with it. Well worth it!
  15. If I wanted to carry a loaded, home defense type shotgun slung across my shoulders when out fishing, is it legal?
  16. This thread makes me LOL.

    No gangster wants a fly rod....

    I have encountered gangmembers in the past, and if you are just respectful and treat them like people things will be fine. You think they go out to the lake at night to shoot fisherman?

  17. oh, and if u really want to start gang problems, start carrying guns/shooting. that will help to ease any tension.
  18. It has nothing to do with fisherman or fly rods! It has EVERYTHING to do with being in the wrong place at the wrong time! No, they do not care about us or our equipment. What they care about is moving their shipment, whatever it may be. If you are around when they have cargo to move, you are threat to them. If you see something, you are an even bigger threat. They have ZERO issue with taking you out to get their million dollar plus loads where they need to go. If the load doesn't arrive, they may be the ones who are getting "axed". It is not a game, believe that!

    Not trying to attack you personally Dustin, or your posts. I just want to share with others the factual information that I have, to keep other outdoor enthusiasts and their loved ones safe.

    As for carrying, it is not about starting a problem, it is about being able to protect yourself and those you love if you are in an unfortunate situation. Carrying is not about advertising that you have a firearm. In fact, those who let others know that they are carrying or try to show it off are looking for trouble. Carrying is also not about just carrying, it is about being responsible and accepting the consequences that may come about IF you need to used it. If you carry and question whether or not you could use it, should you have to, do everyone a favor and don't carry. You MUST be willing to pull the trigger if you have to and accept what comes after you do! Carrying is not a joke and just because the law says you can, doesn't mean everyone should!
  19. Yes

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