Garhwal Himalayas

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  1. Hi! Guys,

    We returned from a recce of Garhwal region of Indian Himalayas covering two trout streams and a Golden Mahseer river. Lots of Brown Trout and Golden Mahseer were landed, unfortunately, a 20 lb Mahseer was hooked and fought but it straighened the hook.
    Here are the pictures:

    Harsh Rana
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  2. Thank Ed and Patrick!
  3. Great pics and beautiful country. How long was the trip?
  4. Thanks Rob, 5 days of fishing and travel.
  5. Great looking trip!

    Was this in Nepal?
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  6. No, Jason, this is India.

    I m told Nepal doesn t have any Trout as they were introduced to India by British in 1800s and now run wild in many of our hill states.

  7. Pretty amazing! Those browns are beautiful! Are you getting the Mahseer on the swing?
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  8. Thank you for posting Harshrana. That water was so blue and the scenery looked so much like some areas in the NW here in the USA.
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  9. Thanks a lot -JS and New Tyer!

    Js - Mahseer were mostly hooked on swung streamers and casting n stripping a tandem nymph rig also produced a few fish.

  10. That is legit, I didn't know they would take a swung bug......pretty rad.
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  11. Well, thanks Js!

    Mahseer are mostly taken on streamers. It is a lot of work as they inspect and refuse your pattern quite often. Switching to nymph setup during afternoon or high light conditions pays off especially on the clear spring fed rivers.

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