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  1. We are being told that gas prices are going to top $4 in California this summer. That means a lot less driving, which means a lot less fishing, which is how I decided this was appropriate to put in the forum!

    Next Tuesday, May 15th there is a coordinated "gas out". Myspace started the whole thing, now it has kind of spread through the work of college students and internet users across the nation. Basically, don't get gas on Tuesday May 15th, its as easy as that!

    There was a coordinated gas out a few years ago (don't know if you guys remember or not), and gas prices lowered 30 cents in 2 days . Its worth a shot and you can probably set yourself up to get gas on Monday or Wednesday, so why not?
  2. I filled up on Friday $62 worth :eek:
    I don't think a "Gas Out" will make any difference in prices however, they are gong to be what they are going to be. An action like that is kinda' like those fools you see at the cross walk activator, they keep punching and punching the button, thinking it's going to make the light change sooner, when all it actually does is make the cross walk signal work once the light changes.
    But I won't be buying gas on tuesday, cause I won't need to.
    I will admit that I'm a lot more thoughtful about making a long drive to fish, but June 1st is almost here and that will help a lot.

  3. It's not the oil companies problem.....where do you get the idea that you have a "god given right to cheap gasoline"??

    Sorry, before I retired my commute was a 1/2 mile. I moved after the office moved and my commute went to 10 miles from 2 miles. Sorry but I would rather spend my gas money traveling and doing fun things rather than driving to work. It made a big difference in the amount of gas consumed.

    Think globally, act locally.......it is a catchy slogan. So just do it. Cut your commute. Quit spending money on gasoline. If enough people do it...the price of gas will fall.

    Don't forget that all those hardworking folks in India and China want your lifestyle. Want to guess what your going to be paying for gas in ten years??

    It is way past time to be burning oil and natural gas for electricity. Time to turn out the yard, porch and garage lights at night. Put barrier strips on your TV's and other instant on applicances. Replace that electric clock with one AA battery powered clock.

    Time to chose the right fuel for the job....and generating electricity with oil and gas is just plain stupid.
  4. I don't even want to get started on this subject...But maybe I'll go along with the "Gas Out " on the 15th, I know it won't do anygood but I'll use it as my way of giving the one horned buffallo salute to Big Oil. :p :p :p
  5. Unless you plan on riding the bus and doing NO driving on the 15th, it makes no difference. The oil companies couldn't care less if you buy you gas on the 14th or 16th instead of the 15th. If you drive on the 15th, you still use just as much gasoline whether you fill up or not!

    Besides, aren't high gas prices a good thing! It will encourage alternative fuel sources and more efficient vehicles.
  6. I'd be more inclined to support a boycott of Chinese made goods after the dog food scare and recent information about antibiotics in imported farmed fish from China. I try to buy domestic as much as is practical. I personally don't think a one day boycott of gas will have any impact on the industry.
  7. As I said in the pick-up truck thread, I'm not sure that a "gas out" day will do anything. However, I'll probably join in just because it isn't particularly hard to do.

    Probably a good idea to try and ride the bike everywhere that day as well. Hell, I've been trying to get myself to do that anyway. It's not like there are even a lot of hills in the downtown Bellingham area.
  8. J.
    Though I think you got pounced on a small bit,but the scofffers are right, you'd have to have a national don't drive day because it's irrelevent to the oil co. when you buy it, it's if you stopped using it. But if everyone didn't buy and prices went down it would get media play which might prompt something else, who knows. Good luck, i will not buy gas on that day but i'm not planning on (not) driving.
  9. I don't think it will do anything except make you feel better.Since I retired I have cut back on my travels because when I go fishing it is a good long distance to whewre I go. I used to drive 30 miles to fish and now it's 50 miles or better one way.

    I don't buy gas as often as I used to and still the price goes up Now it is $3.20.9 in Montana and everytime I go past a station it is climbing. SO in the end, you will feel better. But nothing is going to change.

  10. I saw a "photoshop'd" gas pump that had the selections for payment:

    Debit, Cash inside, Credit, Home Equity Loan

    If you believed your econ 101 prof, the gas price is simply a result of supply and demand. A gas out day won't do much. I'm lucky, I can work from home 2 days a week and work a 4x10 schedule so I only commute 2 days a week. I feel for anyone who is commuting 5 days a week on I-5 or 405. My head would explode from the traffic.

    In Washington, don't forget that our esteemed state government hasn't helped us much with a gas tax AND even though we've voted for $35 car tabs (twice) they still don't care what we think.

    This state wastes so much money that if they'd actually do their jobs with what they have rather than keep asking for more every year, $3.30 a gallon wouldn't be an issue. But I forgot the largest state budget ever passed is "for the kids." :beathead:
  11. california pricing surpased fourbucksagallon several weeks ago.

    when raygun took off price contols, it was all over with. taking refineries off line during the peak season is how our oil industry makes its obscene profits, totally legal and nothing can be done short of reintroducing price controls or breaking up the industry into smaller competing units. of course, none of that is going to happen.

    bend over boys and girls.................
  12. cool, the river will be less crowded on Tuesday if everyone "else" participates, I don't believe it will help one iota, there was poll several weeks ago that showed most Americans believed gas would go over 4 bucks this year- hell, that amounts to a license for the oil companies to do just that. Me?, I will fish tomorrow and Tuesday,and keep fishing till I am broke or dead. This sport isn't inexpensive anyway and I think MOST ( I know , not all) people involved in flyfishing have the bucks allowing them to afford the gas. Maybe they will buy one less flyrod or reel this year or take one less guided adventure, but please? Stop fishing or doing other things? Please... this is America , we are food gluttons and adventure gluttons and we won't stop , ever. This time next year there will probably be a chorus of bitching about 5 buck gas, having sheepingly got used to $4.50 gas. Sure hasn't stopped people from buying that $3.00-5.00 single cup of coffee everyday, sales increased with the price of gas,,why would it stop anything else? I do encourage you all to participate though, for my own reasons. I'll skip the latte though.
  13. Even if this worked.... What do you think the gas prices will be on the 16th????? They will allways get there money.
  14. When exactly did we have price controls on oil? The last wage and price controls in this country were in the mid-1970's; about the same time gas prices started jumping. Besides, price controls would reduce the supply of oil leading to the return of the 1970's gas lines. Did you ever have to get up at 5:00AM to go sit in line for 90 minutes just to buy a maximum of 8 gallons of gas? Let me tell you, it's no fun! Crude oil is a world commodity, there are plenty of nations (China!) that will gladly pay the asking price for oil if the U.S. doesn't.

    This is NOT the peak season for oil useage, it's the slack time! April and May fall between peak winter heating oil production and summer travel season. That's the logical time to do routine maintenance on refineries.

    For all of the people complaining about gas prices... buy a more efficient vehicle, they're out there! You can currently buy a conventional gasoline powered car that is rated at 40 mpg. You can buy a hybred SUV that gets over 30 mpg or a conventional SUV getting in the high 20's. Why wait for the government to "mandate" higher fuel mileage; what's the matter, don't you trust your own abilities?

    Unless the citizens of the U.S. makes a commitment to extract more domestic oil, build more refineries and get serious about nuclear power (don't hold your breath), quit bitching about the high prices.
  15. Cactus is right on with this one. Its up to all of us, not the government. Price controls would likely only make the problem worse. When windfall profit taxes and price controls were institued in the 1970's things only got worse. The way to solve the problem is by reducing demand.
  16. I have no confidence the gas out will make a difference in any way. All the same, I will avoid buying gas on the 15th if I can. My son sent me an alternate suggestion - boycott one company, let their tanks fill up. In theory, this would precipitate a gas war to move their product, and the others would have to respond...Exxon/Shell was the one mentioned. I don't think that will make any difference either, but I am not to buy from them either.
  17. sure, i sat in the gas lines in the 70s. that was a result of the saudi's oil embargo, if my memory serves me correctly. price controls certainly lead to other problems with supply. however, those issues would more than likely be illegal manipulation of the markets which could and would draw pretty big fire.

    raygun eliminated price controls as a part of his generic deregulation of almost all private industry. that is one of the significant reasons we all pay more for simple things like telephone service. it is also why we no longer have telephone repair service without substantial fees. the list is long but the philosophy of the conservative right carried the day back with raygun, so here we are today.

    the gas and oil industry continues to manipulate the pricing at the pump by simply taking refineries off line at critical times. this is done under the banner of 'maintenance'. i don't know another industry which reduces capacity at peak demand time. unless of course, the motive is obscene profit.

    gee, now what was the earning statement for the last several quarters?????

    was reading my newspapers this am and found this factoid:

    "Chevron refined 22% less oil in the U.S. during the first quarter of this year than in the same quarter of 2006 because of longer "planned maintenance" downtime and accidents. Yet its total profit on U.S. refining increased 66%. Making less gasoline, it made much more money."

    so you see, no competition and convenient maintenance schedules are leading to obscene profits. this is not supply and demand, it is corporate america screwing you and me on a daily basis.

    yep, we own a hybrid and drive it most of the time with the PU parked. but that does not change what is going on in our country or the root cause for the pricing we are seeing right now at the pump. supply and demand is a smoke and mirrors sort of arguement which simply don't float this boat.
  18. One thing, Hybrids may make financial sense for individuals, but green??? It was recently reported in the very green Portland Oregonian that the manufacture and the waste products from the making of those batteries did more harm to the ecology than the benefit from less oil product usage and less air quality emissions.
  19. yur'right'on davy regarding the battery production. same set of concerns regarding photovoltic cells. but, for the time being, its the best we have. so the choice is do nothing or take a step. and we all know the definition of idiocy: doin' the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

    carry on......
  20. my apoligies, didn't mean that to sound like it was directed "at you". I just meant to put that out there. Your right, about best we have now. :thumb: to you

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