NFR Gas recycle

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  1. Dumped my lawn mower gas into my truck today about 3 1/2 gallons getting ready for spring. Also added a little gas dryer to get rid of any moisture.

    Heard it was a good idea since gas only has a life of about a year anyone do the same?

    My weedeater is two cycle so the oil acts as a stabilizer.
  2. A little transmission fluid helps keep fuel systems clean.
    A little to much will make lots of smoke, so watch out.
  3. I was introduce to an additive called Sea foam . I have been adding this to my lawn equipment gas as instructed by my local sthil dealer , seems to have solved my spring start up problems
  4. Yeah, I've done this for years. You're basically diluting the "bad" older gas from your mower into the larger quantity of "good" newer gas in your tank.

    I would not recommend doing this by dumping the gas into a motorcycle gas tank, or anything else with a minimal capacity, as it won't dilute well and can cause problems if the gas truly has started to go bad.
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  5. I dumped some old gas into my truck. It spit and sputtered for a few days until I gassed up with new gas. It was one way to get rid of the old gas. Now I only buy my gas where they don't have all them different additives in it.
  6. I use Stabil, or drain the tanks on my mowers. Other than that, I'd been using straight regular in them, without any ethanol.
    On a happier note, my lawn service is now officially dissolved! I notified the Sate of WA, closed out the bank account. I would pour gas all over my mowers and send them up in smoke while dancing madly around the pyre, laughing insanely and swigging on Fireball, if that wasn't such a bad idea, ecologically and otherwise.:D
  7. I have read that engines that are used occasionally do much better if you use non-ethanol fuel. We have a couple of places that sell it in Spokane. I know that when I use it in my truck the milage is better.
  8. Only a couple of 76 stations close to me in Skagit county that use non ethanol unleaded, but $3.64 at 76 and $3.12 at Costco I'll add some Stabil to the tank of Costco gas
  9. Thats funny, I just did exactly the same thing. Had about 2 gallons left over from last summer that went into the Toyota gas tank.
  10. I always add fuel stabilizer to my outboard motor gas tank when I fill it up late in the year, in case I don't use it all up. Its kind of a PITA to drain. I need a bigger funnel.

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