Gear allegiance.

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  1. Fred Krow

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    Sage since the early 1980's,,,,,, I have always liked the way these rods cast compared to other brands.

    Simms since they first introduced Goretex into wader manuf.

    I will give up anything but these two products, crappy SUV, old worn out clothes,,,,etc.

  2. yuhina

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  3. Empty Creel

    Empty Creel Praying to the rain gods for mercy

    I enjoy seeing how cheaply I can get into the game. Closeouts, Craigslist, Classifieds, you name it. For some reason I will spend ridiculous amounts of time hunting down a bargain. Maybe its because I grew up fishing with a cane pole and have a hard time spending hundreds on a set up. Or perhaps it is because my better half watches the checking/credit accounts like a hawk. Either way, there is something to said for catching a fish on a set up that cost less than the reel of the guy standing next to you in the river.
  4. dreamonafly

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    AMen KerryS..... I couldn't have said it better myself about the SAGE and Loomis.. DOuble wow you just like me, and about the winston wow.. me too alway wanted to own a Winston b2x 12'6"... as far the boutique rod goes; good luck getting any warranty far them.. they are in no hurry getting it back to you.. i am not talking trash about the boutique builder, I have two myself, but at the end of the day whos going to be there for you, I put my money on Sage and Loomis any day of the week.

    as far as Golfman and Stewart Dee they are total snob, no way in hell they be on a river with out their boutique rod and their hardy for everyone to drool over...what a
  5. dreamonafly

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    for me gotta to be the z axis 7136 period.. if it good enough for scott howell-its good enough for me period...
  6. _WW_

    _WW_ Fishes with Wolves

    I have a closet full of Sage rods and was lucky enough to 'swap' for them with the shop owner. No way would I have paid retail for them - I would have looked at the other rack. That was 20 years ago and I still use them. The shop is closed 7-8 years now so I've had to do something different. I'm always looking for bargains on certain lengths, actions, and weights.

    Vintage reels...what can I say? I love 'em and wish I could have one of everything!
    A guy's signature on the Fiberglass board says it pretty darn well for me,
    "I am haunted by auctions."
  7. KerryS

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    Does your boss know about this?
  8. stewart dee

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  9. stewart dee

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    Here is a picture for you to enjoy Jimmy.
  10. stewart dee

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    Just remember Scott Howell can cast and more important land a fish. LOL
  11. dreamonafly

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    Man that hurts... why you have go there...
  12. Nate Dutton

    Nate Dutton I'm a teacher, I fish to eat!

    I like Turtles.
  13. dreamonafly

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    Ok you got me, but it a sage z axis thought...
  14. Steve Saville

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    I also am a gear whore and have rods ranging from less than $100 to $800. I will say this about some of the less expensive rods: The components are not as good, meaning the stripping guides and especially the cork. The blanks are good but I see the cork deteriorating much quicker on my TFO rods than on the Sage rods. If the rod doesn't feel right in my hands, I tend to not use it much. I haven't been disappointed in the Redington CPS rods I have but they were the top line rods at the time. They were made under Sage specs and quality control but to keep up with the less expensive competitors, thay too have begun using less expensive components and lesser quality cork. I'm glad I got mine when I did. Any additional rods I buy will be high end.
  15. Ed Call

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    Sage, Orvis, Redington, Loomis, Echo, TFO, St. Croix, Fenwick, Anderson, Parks, Keyes all are on my magic wand list. Graphite, Fiberglass and Bamboo.
    Sage, Orvis, Galvan, J. W. Young and Sons, Islander, Loop, Pflueger and Hardy for the things that go around and around. Modern, old school, drags, and click/pawl.

    Every piece has a purpose that I can least to myself.
  16. Alex MacDonald

    Alex MacDonald Dr. of Doomology

    Kerry, you are so right on with the 870!! A better scattergun for waterfowling has not been made, in spite of what Benelli claims. But for fishing, I'll stick with the TFO Pro series rods, and sink the money I save into gas for another epic.
  17. _WW_

    _WW_ Fishes with Wolves

    Yea...A long time ago she decided that my 'fishing life' was getting out of hand. She obviously thought by pointing out some ridiculous aspect of it she could shame me into...changing.

    Seeing a pretty large group of rods in the corner she asked, "Just how many fishing poles do you have?"
    Without even slowing down the whip finish knot I was tying I replied, "Of which kind dear?"

    Never heard another word.
  18. shotgunner

    shotgunner Anywhere ~ Anytime

    St. Croix supporter here

    "St. Croix's history reads as the straight definition of hard work and determination. In 1948, by co-founders Bob and Bill Johnson"

    I don't think St Croix introduced an imported blank line of rods until 2005.. and then only to compete with such large amount of imports saturating economy rod sales. In house domestic blanks make up their majority.
  19. Eric Tarcha

    Eric Tarcha gear whore

    was that english jimmy?

    As for gear, those who know me and fish with me will agree that i will only fish with the cheapest stuff I can find... I hate anything old or classy or well made.
  20. golfman65

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    Are you fucking retarded? you wouldn't know a good rod if it walked up and kicked you in your skinny rod...Meiser are a couple hundred less then your "name brand" hype...Burkies are hand made from scratch...blank and all, can be fit to your style...but of course you need to have one first...

    I have never met anyone who has been more caught up in "Name" and "Bling" shit then you...Remember the tibor steelhead reel you got from me, screwed up and sent back..cause.."It not look good on my meiser" The perfects you got, took back and got again..even though you don't know how to use one???

    I like old hardys cause they are part of my history...I like my saracione cause it's one of the most bad ass reels around and can take a serious beating to boot...I beat the shit out of my gear because it's gear..and the builders will fix them because that's what they do...So your implying that meiser or burkie won't is like all of your statement....bullshitty....I fish my meisers and burkies cause after developing a decent casting stroke....they work exceptionally well and I feel like I'm supporting local builders who give a shit about me and not some "bling bling" bullshit flavor..

    We will never fish together again...that's stew's tickling a penquin..