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  1. I am getting back into FF and need to start all over amassing the various accoutrements and unnecessaries. I have a beginner class to get me back into the general swing of things starting next week with Red's Fly Shop on the Yakima. After the class is over, I want to keep my momentum rolling and will need gear of my own.
    Preferably, I'll come into the class WITH my own gear so I can learn on it. I've been looking at the Sage Approach Outfit that Red's offers - but am not sure on the line weight or rod length. I'm mostly in this for on freshwater rivers and creeks... I'm not ready for any big fish yet.

    Just curious if anyone has any encouragement or caution on the subject? Red's pricing for the rod and reel is comparable to anywhere else that is offering the same equipment.

    $475 - 495
    RIO Gold Fly Line
    Sage Approach Single Hand Fly Rod
    Sage 1800 Series Reel

  2. That is a nice outfit altho I would suggest you post this in the general fly fishing section -- you will get much more feedback.

    Last year I purchased the sage vantage outfit which I love. The outfit you're looking at is basically the newer/improved version of that with a nicer reel and line to boot. It is a great starting point!

    I suggest a 9' 5wt as its the most basic all around rod you can get for trout fishing, especially on the yakima. If you feel that you will be fishing smaller rivers than the yak you could probably get away with a 4 wt but then again if you're only getting one rod, you cannot go wrong with a 9' 5wt and then add to your collection from there based on what you find you like/what is close to you etc. Some people swear by 8' 6" rods as opposed to the 9' but I myself have no experience with them. I'm sure you will be allowed to cast both when you go to Red's so I highly recommend you do so.

    Also, you can get that same outfit for $395 after tax and shipped from a few places online. PM me if you want info, not sure we are allowed to post details about non sponsors on here. Granted this is from an online/out of state shop so you won't be supporting local business, but if saving $100 is worth it to you then you have the right to do so.

    That being said, Red's fly shop is an amazing place and I got my vantage outfit thru them last year.
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  3. What weight rod? Looks like a good combo.
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  4. You'd be pretty happy with that in a 5wt for what you intend to do. Of course this will only be your first rod!

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  5. Thanks! Will do.
  6. Thanks, [zen aka bill] and [gbeeman]

    I am still unsure of weight, I tend to buy on the industrial side of things because I always want to be prepared for the worst best situations! So, I may step up to a 6 or 7... unless there are clear disadvantages to doing so...?
  7. 7's a bit overkill and will wear on your wrist. I've used a 5 for over 20 years and haven't found a need for heavier. Mind you I mainly fish lakes. If I were you and unsure about which weight to get I'd cast a few different weights to get an idea. A 7 weight is ok for the first hour but if it's too stiff, starts to wear on one after that. Having said that I have rods from 3 wt to 8 wt. The 8 wt is easier to fish than the 7 wt I have. Has to do with the flex of the rod.

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  8. Everyone I appreciate your insights VERY much.
    I am going to go with the 9' 5wt. And as gbeeman says, "this will only be my first!"
  9. One thing to consider is making the purchase at your local fly shop. When I say local, I mean the one where you'll spend most of your time and money. For the few 10's of bucks you'll save on an online purchase, you'll probably gain as much or more in goodwill from making a major purchase locally. That can translate into better info, free flies, and/or a place where the employees are consistently glad to see you come through the door. I know that's the way they should always be, but...
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  10. Dennis - great suggestion! The reason I am committed to buying a Sage outfit is because they are "local"... and the same should be true for my local flyshop (not sure WHO that is just yet). But, I did think about bringing in the web deal and seeing if they could match it or come close or something. I appreciate the 'local' reminder/encouragement.
  11. Just to throw this out there, the classifieds on this site are a great source of used gear. Lots of bang for your buck..

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  12. Good to know, I'll check it out. Though, I'm definitely one of those "buy new jeans instead of pre-faded jeans" kind of people. Not that there's anything wrong with that! :)
  13. I'd suggest trying/casting multiple rods before deciding to buy anything especially new. You'll most likely find out that certain rods cast better for your specific casting stroke. I'd 2nd buying gently pre-owned since if you don't like it you can sell it & not lose much $.
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  14. Wise counsel. Duly noted, thanks.
  15. UPDATE:
    I was going to buy onine, for the cheapest price or used, but I'm something of a sucker for supporting local businesses and decided to adopt a local flyshop to start developing as my "go to" place—where everybody knows your name...

    John at Patrick's Fly Shop on Eastlake in Seattle was very helpful today. Ultimately, my first purchase was largely driven by economics vs. any other factor... And, I decided to accept the compromise considering this is my first outfit and I wouldn't know the difference (necessarily) between a $100 and $1000 outfit.

    I could either get the Sage Approach (my first beginner choice) for $475 or get two outfits for roughly the same price; one for me and one for my wife. In an act of extreme selflessness, I bought my wife a Redington Pursuit so that fishing was something we could do "together". With my remaining budget, I settled for the Redington Voyant. Both are 9' 5wt rods, equipped with reels and Rio lines and hard cases...

    I told John, however, that once I knew more than nothing about flyfishing, I'd be back and willing to spend (with the benefit of educated experience) much more during round two.

    I'm okay with it if you are. If you're not, don't taint my complacency with "oh no!"s and "you shouldn't have"s ... just let me enjoy the ignorant bliss while it lasts.
  16. You did good and those rods should be a fine starting point.
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  17. I think you made a great decision. I know nothing of the rods you bought or of current model rods in general but I do know two things.

    1. The very best thing you can do is get your hands on a rod, reel and line and start fishing.
    2. The idea that you can spend your way into a rod that suits you is absurd and generally uninformed.

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  18. Thanks Tim. I went out to Reds Fly Shop with my wife for their 101 class to get back into it and it returned to me swiftly—like riding a bike. Our instructor complimented the rods as perfectly suited for trout fishing in Washington, so... I felt good about that.
    On our way home, we stopped on the Teanaway and I had several, but very small, strikes and that was exciting... now, I need to learn the real science—picking the right fly, and setting the hook.
  19. There is no need to learn any real science to be a successful and happy fisherman but it couldn't hurt if that is your inclination. Part of the beauty of this pastime is that it can be anything you want it to be from gross generalization to highly specific. Either way a combination of experience and luck usually carries the day.

    For future reference this is the Bamboo, Fiberglass & Classic Reels sub forum. None of the equipment you have discussed in this thread falls into that category.

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  20. Sorry about that Tim. This was my first post after joining and I didn't realize "where" I was in the forum tree when I created it. I'd emailed admin to see if I could move it (I initially posted it in the Arts & Literature Forum... and then still didn't get it right!) but I never heard back from the forum admin about either deleting the thread or moving it.... I will be certain to know "where" I am if I post again.

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