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    For Sale

    Pontoon boat - Buck's Bags Southfork with 8' pontoons. The boat is in very good condition (new $600)
    It has
    - the accessory anchor bracket installed ($79), + a 10lb pyramid anchor ($10?)
    - has the optional 7' oars ($??) and optional oar rests ($25)
    - has a rail mount rod holder ($35)
    - a three rod holder mounted on one side. Not a kit but a rod holder he mounted. (~$15)
    - and a new spare internal bladder and valve wrench. The spare will fit either pontoon. ($65)
    Asking $400

    Flyrod outfit - a 9 1/2 ft 8wt. Sage XP rod, Billy Pate Salmon reel, and Rio VersaTip Line, Purchase price $1100.00 Asking $650.00

    Raft - an Odyssey 13.5 ft (model RB13.6), with a rowing frame and straps, 2 - 9' Carlisle oars, 70qt cooler. Used at most a dozen times on the North Fork Lewis (very easy float). Odyssey lists its specs as - 13'6" overall length, 6'4" overall width, 19" tube diameter, 13" thwart size, 7 passenger capacity Includes repair kit 11 D-rings Color- Grey/black Package price was $1950.00, asking $1400

    Contact info
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    Hello Everyone,

    Just thought I would update the ad.

    The rod/reel outfit and pontoon boat are NLA.

    The raft is on hold until 2/23/02 for a tentative buyer.