Gear for silvers in the salt.

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  1. Hi guys I'm totally new to this sport. Don't know if I want to fill a third tackle box and a third rod rack. I have fished for salmon in the salt for twenty years. The guys I see chasing silvers with fly rods sure look like their having fun! Could anyone give me some advice on the gear I would need to try this out. Decent rod and reel that will take the salt. Just a nice little combo, some line, and flies for under $400 bucks? Or will I need a second mortage? Thanks for looking! tight lines:thumb
  2. I just bought a new back-up 8wt. Sage DS on sale for like $115 online somewhere... (I can get you the url if you'd like). I use pfleuger medalist reels exclusively (you can find these for <$50). And buy some line and you are set... Well under $300 and you are fishing. I don't think you need to mortgage to have fun flyfishing. PM me if you would like the info on this gear. Good luck and Tight Lines!

  3. I would go with a 8wt TFO or a Rainshadow and a Pflueger Trion Fly Reel($99) for the money. Get a quality line, I prefer RIO and the Sage performance lines. I have a 15' sinkiktip ( 6 IPS ) that works great from shore or boat when crusing along the coast.

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