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    It pains me to sell this stuff off, but I find lately that its not being used seeing that I have a new born .

    So here is a bunch of stuff that I am going to ebay soon, though I would give some forum members a shot at it first at a cheaper price then I was going to ebay them for.


    Sage LE. 5 weight, Great trout rod. In excellent shape hasn't been used since the first year I got it. 9 foot 2 piece with tube. $120

    Sage XI2, 6 weight, used three times and what I would call new shape, no scuffs or enamel damage. 9 foot, 4 piece, with tube and sock $300 SOLD

    Winston B2X 9 weight great shape with the usual cork soiling, used for salt water trips as mostly a backup ( 7 and 8 are my primaries) . 9 foot 4 piece with tube and sock $400 SOLD

    Scott S3S 11 weight I would call this good condition, used it on salt trips. some minor scuffs, will let this one go cheap $200 tube and sock included

    Scott S3S Pretty well new on this one, comes with sock and tube. 12 weight 9 foot 3 peice. $300

    Okay My ODD BALL rod

    Sage XI2 16 weight. Next to new condition, tried for some blue fin in Maine, and sailfish in the south. Tube and sock included, length is 8 1/2 . 300 bucks SOLD


    Orvis BBS 3 in amazing condition, with backing and a 5 weight orvis line. MADE IN ENGLAND and comes with the sheep lined case. $120

    Abel Super 6 in Steelhead finish... This reel must be seen to be appreciated as it's truly stunning, comes with gel spun ( 180 ish yards) and case but no line. $400 Amazing shape and will be sad to see it go.

    Bauer MXP4 (the perfect) in good shape, this is the reel I first bough for the salt and it did me very well. Its the Metallic root beer colour. Great reel $220 with case backing and 7 weight Orvis nymphing line. SOLD

    Ross Momentum 6 in amazing shape with about 400 yards of gelspun 30lb and case with 11 weight line. This reel can stop a train with its carbon drag. Great Two hander reel. $350 SOLD

    Tibor Gulf Stream in ocean blue. Comes with a half kilometer of gelspun backing and the case. This reel is a gem, and would be a phenomenal Spey reel. $550 and I can throw in a 12 weight salt line if you want. SOLD


    Sage Equator Taper 12 weight 100ft Wt Forward floating. New on factory spool $ 25 NOW 20 SOLD

    Rio Density compensated Sink tip 250 gr ( tip portion is 24 ft) new on Factory spool $30 SOLD

    Rio Mainstream Wt Forward floating 10 weight new on factory spool $30 SOLD

    Monic 15 weight floating weight forward used in new shape $40 SOLD

    Pics on request, I will ship around Canada and the USA and I can do Paypal if needed ( + 3 %)


  2. TheKeeper New Member

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    Might be willing to negotiate some of the prices on what's left.
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    Do you have any salt water gear left Joe?
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    PM'd you on the Orvis reel...
  5. TheKeeper New Member

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    Bump and a Final Price drop on this stuff... Bargains to be found.
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    I am interested in the super 6 if you still have it. Charles
  7. Cobragun New Member

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    If you have not sold the Abel Super 6 in Steelhead finish I will buy it. Please let me know.