gel spun vs. braid

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by [WR], Apr 24, 2011.

  1. Looks like he's (cb3fish) been banned from this forum, but I've come across him on other forums and it seems being a jackoff is his stock in trade.
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  2. Don Freeman

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    What Anil said. My trevally line is as fuzzy as a pipe cleaner - but I still have it.
  3. rotato

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    Let's see some pics Don
    I'd look on the ps fly Facebook page but I have a staulker lurking

    I know that no backing is stronger than the prop on my outboard ouch
  4. rustybee

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    Interesting thread. Hope that the OP is still around and wasn't too traumatized by his initiation to this forum.
  5. SilverFly

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    My larger fly-reels are filled with 80lb Tuffline XP. Mostly because I'm cheap, and have a 2200yd spool laying around that I use for conventional reels. 80lb breaking strength may seem excessive, but as Anil pointed out, contact with rocks or coral can change "excessive" to "marginal" in an instant. Beside spool filling concerns, the diameter is easier to handle than something with lesser breaking strength. That can be a safety factor when fighting fish like tuna that can take line at nearly 40mph. At those speeds, a thinner braid could cut your finger like a band saw.
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  6. Don Freeman

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    My camera had a seizure, humidity I guess, so I have squat of my own, except for Anil landing a yellowfin that took 81 minutes. The only pictures I've seen are on the PSFlyco facebook page. I don't do myface,but I saw them on my daughter's screen.
  7. Justin Waters

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    Hatch backing= .015in and 68lbs