German Shorthairs

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Tod Fossetta, Mar 9, 2009.

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  1. German Shorthairs- pics posted

    I don't know if this is OK, but a lot of fly-fishers are also bird hunters, so I thought I would mention that I have 9 GSP pups on the ground. They are out of awesome bloodlines, five hall of fame dogs in their pedigrees. 6 females, 3 males. They are 6 wks old today, wonderfully socialized, ready to go soon. PM for details, and I apologize if this was an improper post, I'm a newbie. Asking $650.00, but price is negotiable, especially in this economy. Trades considered.

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  2. Any Pictures?
  3. pictures and price... i assume you are paying people to take them off your hands?
  4. pictures would be nice :thumb:
  5. GSPs make for absolute top notch upland bird dogs as far as pointers go, I have hunted behind a few kinds of dogs and theres just something about watching a pointer get locked up on a big colored rooster. Good luck selling your dogs, Id be glad to take one off your hands but we have 3 damn dogs as it is. lol

  6. Cute puppies. I have a 12.5 yr old Gsp. She has become an old lady in the last year. We did not use her for hunting (she would have loved it) but has made a wonderful family dog. She was the most graceful dog I have ever seen in the field and go and go and go.
  7. Nice.
    You don't see black & whites too often.
    I have an 85lb. male, all muscle - all Go!

    Best dog ever.
  8. Had one for 14 years, that dog could flat out hunt roosters...... never taught him a thing it was all pure instinct. He would lock up so hard on point we could literally sit and watch him stand on the same two feet for about 12-15 minutes if the bird held......... amazing. I miss old Bart Dog, he's in a happy place now with no more arthritis, chasing roosters again no doubt.

    thanks for the trip down memory lane.
  9. I have a 5 year old GSP. That dog is hunting machine.

    You can't beat a GSP in the field :thumb:
  10. Somebody grab that puppy in the upper right corner. That little guy is showing how to point at 6 weeks. :)
  11. Those are some freakin cute dogs. Too bad I've already got a good dog. Maybe another time

  12. Thanks for all the compliments, they are really great. We were only supposed to have 4-5, at least that's what the x-ray showed. :eek::eek:Surprise!!!!! She turned out to be a math whiz and had 4+5=9 instead.:ray1: Look out Lassie, there's a new smart dog in town. They are a lot of fun, and are going nuts for the pheasant wing already. These guys are hunters. Their mom and dad are real lovers too, total lap dogs, best of both worlds.
  13. How big are the parents?
  14. Sire is about 55-60lbs, dam is 43lbs. This is Sadie. Sadie on Point-web.jpg
  15. Lowered price, $550.00 for these dogs, AKC registered, champion bloodlines, great family dogs and hunters.
  16. Oh, God, please no one show this to my wife! She'll take them all!! We have a 3 and a half year old GSP, and he is a total stud in the field. I have yet to hunt that dog tired, and I've tried long past when I thought I was going to drop dead.

    Good lookin' pups!!!
  17. Still have 3 males and 4 females. Put em on a Chukar yesterday, WOW! these dogs are BIRD CRAZY!!!!
  18. I have a 3 year old GSP and she has endless energy.. She could run for hours, very loving and up in your face.. These dogs are natural hunters, got her at seven weeks and brought her out four weeks later, she got right on a rooster and held point..
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