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Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by dryflylarry, Jun 1, 2011.

    I don't think there has been a coho fly swap for awhile. I'm starting to get antsy and thinking about late summer coho. I would enjoy seeing other's creations in a coho fly. I'm thinking of a "face to face" Tides Tavern" on Sunday (UPDATED) July 10 , 1:00PM for all to meet. Any takers? Tell me there are going to be a few coho around in August! You are not required to meet face to face, but it can be fun. Maximum of 12. UPDATE: For those that cannot meet at the "Face to Face", please mail your flies to me at your local post office by July 5, so I may pass them out and get yours back to you. $2.00 for return postage or self-addressed envelope. Don't forget to toe TAG your flies with name and your name. Thank you.

    1) Ron McNeal
    2) dryflylarry
    3) Troutrageous
    4) bennysbuddy--RECEIVED
    5) mark m--RECEIVED
    6) MysteriousWater
    7) constructeur
    8) DrCrush
    9) Michael K. Smith
    10) Mumbles
    11) kelvin--RECEIVED
    12) eric.carlson--RECEIVED
  2. Updated Swap date to July 10, Sunday. Noonish. Tides Tavern, Gig Harbor. I'm expecting two more known people to sign up so far.
  3. I wouldn't be able to make it, but I could definitely send some in. I've only really tied clousers for coho, but they aren't especially exciting, so I'll look through my copy of Fly Fishing For Pacific Salmon II to see if I can find something a little more interesting -- or end up doing a clouser in something other than plain white n pink. I'll run the idea past you first when I do decide.
  4. Sounds good Troutrageous. Keep me posted and let me know whether to put you on the list! Thanks.
  5. Definitely put me on the list if its ok to send them in (can't make the drive all the way from Walla Walla), I just need awhile the decide on the fly I will tie.
  6. Great! Your on the list. I think I like your idea of creating something other than a clouser pattern. Maybe we should all attempt to avoid them for this swap, but, heck, they catch coho!
  7. Can I still participate if I'm too much of a cock to tie my own flies, and just buy some shitty 99 cent Sri Lankan jobbers on the way to the tavern?
  8. Well.... hell yeah. This is a somewhat of an attempt at a little socializing event. Maybe you can get a friend to tie!! Just come on over anyway, flies or no flies. It doesn't appear there are many with coho fever just yet. I still have a couple other guys I'm pretty sure will participate. Pass the word!
  9. I'll be a no show,I have a swing shift job so I'll just send my flies to larry. They will be the standard priest point fly that we all use up here in marysville, that is okay with dryflylarry
  10. You're on Mike! Thanks for joining in.
  11. Larry, count me in, not sure what I'll tie but I'll let you know.
  12. Thanks for joining in Mark. Your salmon flies are welcome!
  13. Larry,

    I'm in. I'll try to learn how to tie some comet type fly in the next the month. Any color ideas?


  14. Right on James! I'll add you to the list. Been wanting to get out fishing with you. I can't this Monday/Tuesday, but the following week we should go do it. PM me and we'll set it up.
  15. Coho like "pinks" especially.
  16. Larry- I was just taking the piss in my last post; put me down for either small pink squid or a synthetic clouser. I'm more confident in the clouser, and more likely to fish it, but you mentioned no clousers to it's your call.
  17. OK. Gottcha! Tie something that catches Coho. We won't let you in unless you can guarantee that!
  18.'s all in the operator not the fly! Synthetic clouser it is.
  19. Sign me up Larry.

  20. Atta boy Tony! I'll put you on the list. I know you have a hot fly.

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