Get Preped - Saltwater Coho Fly Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by dryflylarry, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. Kelvin, those are both excellent looking ties, I look forward to which ever one you decide on. Sorry you can't get to the face to face but it sounds like you'll be wetting a line down south anyway, have a good trip.
  2. I wnet with the Squid
    I am about half done

    Larry can you PM me your address so I can get them to you
  3. Yeah, a few :-(

    I am relatively new to fly fishing and have never actually caught a coho on a fly, although I caught plenty on gear as a kid growing up in Ketchikan. Extrapolating from what I used to use and a bit of internet research, I am tying up a variation of the Purple Angel.
  4. Great! We will all be looking forward to it!
  5. I have received the "first" set of flies from bennysbuddy a few days ago. They are great! I will be down looking for a few trout in Oregon midweek to the weekend. Hope everyone is doing well. Let's all hope there are some coho to chase this late summer and fall. Keep tyin!! I'll be a slacker and go play this week!
  6. Great Kelvin! Have a good trip. I'm heading for a little break down to Central Oregon for a little trout fishing action... I hope.
  7. Ok folks, so after going through a few sessions trying to crank out some good looking baitfish, I'm pretty unimpressed with my results, so in the interest of sending in something I think will actually catch fish, I'm switching to a euphausiid pattern, since I've seen many of you are tying streamer patterns already. I'll try and crank out two a piece since I have a good looking one that is a relatively quick tie.
  8. I won't be able to make it to the face-to-face on the 10th so I dropped mine into the mail today. Here is what I ended up with:


    Can't wait to see what everyone else comes up with!

  9. I received Kelvins in the mail this weekend. Nice ties, as usual! Hey, those look good Eric! I better get busy and finish mine here soon. Keep tying everyone!
  10. Nice Eric!
  11. Received Eric's flies today! Yes sir! Very nice Eric. Hope everyone is coming along with the ties..... unlike me, slow, slow.
  12. Larry whats with the new avatar?
  13. Ah, don't you know?.... Everyone has a point!

    Ever hear of Harry Nilsson? The greatest singer ever. Well, check 1971.... Ha! The movie also, called, "The Point".
  14. He's got a there!

  15. Yes I do!

  16. Eric.

    I don't think anyone should be able to come to the "face to face" swap without a Point! :clown:

  17. oh yeah "me and my arrow" right
    I saw that as a kid in grade school

    kinda take me back now....................
  18. July 10 is coming up soon. For those that are sending in flies and haven't, this is my current address:
    Need to have those before the 10th to pass out at the "Face to Face". Thanks pals! Remember food and beers are available at the Tides Tavern in Gig Harbor, and, the Gig Harbor Fly Shop is almost next door.
    Larry Cote'
    8860 Pacific Avenue NW- Apt. #6
    Silverdale, Wa. 98383

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