Getting a tippet to sink: your method

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by SuperDave, Oct 10, 2002.

  1. I'm always looking for new ways to get my tippet to sink when fishing dries. Any dweb can tell you that larger trout are leader shy and will refuse your best fly and presentation if the leader is floating. I've used fish slime, Gehrke's Xink and even dishwashing soap as leader sink. (dishwashing soap works best)

    What do you guys use?
  2. Are you saying leader, like 7ft, 9ft leader, or just the tippet line?
    Leader and tippet for dries is a little different.
  3. Have you tried using fluorocarbon tippets? It's denser than mono and thus sinks faster.

    I hope that dishwashing soap you use doesn't contain phosphates.

    Tight lines.
  4. just remember, throw 'em back

    yup, flouro sinks like a rock. dishwashing soap? whatever works. ill try it out.
  5. Try saliva. Seriously, I have had the best luck sinking leaders with saliva and then Gerke's Xink. The major difference between getting skunked or not fishing dries on those bright days is having a sunk leader. This can also help you avoid having to use a 7x tippet and losing fish and flies. 5 or 6x sunk is way harder to see than 7x sitting on top casting shadows.

    Good luck,
  6. Sorry, I prefer to release my fish. Why would ANYONE "throw 'em back"?
  7. just remember, throw 'em back

    my sig was hurl em back but i thought that was too harsh. throw is much more delicate.

    maybe it should be "just remember, gently cradle them while supporting their body weight w/o crushing vital organs, without removing them from the water, while hopping on one foot, touching your nose and singing mary had a little lamb backwards, before slipping them ever so softly back and forth throuth the water column before they regain the strength to swim away under there own power."

    yes, thats it.
  8. C_fish: Without all the verbage, do you agree that fish should be treated with more respect than to be "thrown" back? I know it is a common phrase but really, think about it........... Just think what ammunition you are giving the animal rights whackos who object to catch and release fishing.
  9. The Alaskan way: Lots of Lead

    Fish a Bitch Creek Deep It will catch any fish
    0012 :THUMBSUP
  10. What do I know---I'm just an old man

    Today I used mud and it worked. But the leader had a little help,I was using a beadhead olive leech with some sparkles on it and it still didn't work. :SAD :SAD

  11. I think we should ask fish to stop jumping out of the water. It can cause too much damage. And those stupid fish that insist on climbing water falls and jumping repeatidly on rocks should be more careful too. And even worse, when they make it up, their off spring are dumb enough to travel back down the waterfalls and rocks to get to the ocean (in some of their defense, heavy rains and high water can force them to be washed down stream, so it's not always voluntary...)
    Everyone knows that a fish can't survive a few seconds out of the water and especially bounced against rocks and trees and a fish re-entering the water with a little velocity (9.8 meters per sec for example) is surely going to die. I think PETA and sportsman should unite in the fight against masacistic fish before its too late!!

    And this should really get your dander up - I heard their is a fish that actually volunterally 'walks' out of the water from one pond to another. Doesn't he know any better?? Oh, you mean some fish are actually desinged to live out of the water for an amount of time and not all fish can be lumped together as to how resiliant they are to this kind of thing?? But that requires thinking and judement calls, so isn't it better to just have blanket statements about how to handle fish?

    OK, so I'm being a little sarcastic, but peple really need to lighten up around here...
  12. What do I know---I'm just an old man

    What has this got to do with getting your tippet to sink. I think that this was covered in another post. I might be a smart a$$, but please stick with the issues at hand. This thing about releasing fish is getting beaten to death. I think that all/most of the people on this site know how to release them so please let this release thing rest.


  13. Ya gotta do a politically correct release ya know.:DEVIL

    On the sinking tippet thing. I use a sink tip tied in between the tippet and the fly line. :THUMBSUP :DEVIL
  14. You know, its funny how many preferences there are in the fisherman's life. I put dry fly floatant in between my index and thumb fingers and slide my leader throught the floatant so it floats. I learned it from Mike Lawson, Chuck Stranahan, Rene Harrop, Gary Borger and John Gierach. They all have instructed to do so in their literature so I just follow blindly since I figured they have more experience catching fish than I do.

    I never thought the fish cared too much since I still caught fish doing so. To be honest, I use heavier tippet than most folks too. I hate loosing flies and fish so unless I get more than one short strike, I don't downsize tippet. I do however, try to be as precise as possible with my flies. Fly size and fly presentation I think are more important but that is mostly preference and opinion.

    I am not a scientist yet.
  15. What do I know---I'm just an old man

    I do it the same way as all those guys you mentioned. But I think that I read that you do this thing to your leader except leave the last three to six inches bare so the leader will sink so it won't scare the fish. This is what I do. It might be correct or it might not be. But whom am I but the fishless wonder.


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