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  1. So after seeing troutpocket's all-dubbing leeches, I decided I had to get to work. I couldn't find my camera, so I took the pics with my smartphone. It doesn't give the best detail, but here goes.


    I tied up 8 in size 10 3xl, 2 in size 8 3xl. The size 8 (nickel cone head, red bead, 12 and 5 o'clock) includes about 7 turns of lead wire for extra weight. I used simi seal in blood leech in a thread dubbing loop. The two flies straddling the top center are size 10 with nickel cone heads, black marabou tail tied in by the tips, and simi seal in peacock tied in using a Flashabou dubbing loop. The two gold bead head flies are size 10, all dubbing, simi seal spectrum olive with a black mohair type tail (not sure what it is, just some old black wool type dubbing). I also used a Flashabou dubbing loop with these two. The two remaining flies at the bottom are nickel cone head, size 10, black marabou tied in by the tip, and brown angora goat dubbed using a thread loop. The final two flies, at roughly 3 and 8 o'clock, are all dubbing as well. Again, size 10 with nickel cone head and black/maroon Stillwater Solutions sparkle dub applied in a thread loop.

    Kinda confusing and not the best lighting, but I hope everyone can see them well enough. I have been tying up most of my leeches using chenille and rabbit fur or all grizzly marabou, and I wanted to return to the basics. I can't wait to get out to the east side for the opener :)
  2. I played around with not even tying in a tail using the semiseal material that troutpocket loaned me and I feel the bugs turned out great. I also played with using a twist dub versus a dubbing loop and it worked but I don't feel it will be as tough in the long run. Great looking patterns but when I fished mine on Sunday, they found no love.
  3. Heck yeah those will work JD, nice job!
  4. Leech..... the right fly.. The fly of thinking flyfishermen.
  5. trout to bass.

    Nice looking flies!

    Maribou tied in by tips for body gives great movement in water and has proven to be an effective fly for me for over 20 years and is one of my go to flies when thing sssllllow down.
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  6. I think marabou leeches are about impossible to beat, and the easiest to tie. I do tie all my minis like the ones pictured though.
  7. Thanks everyone, sorry for the late response. When I do all marabou leeches, I tie up the Waste Troll Leech primarily. Spinning marabou into a dubbing loop can be a good way of building a leech quickly and simply as well, but I just like the Waste Troll. So much action on the drop, especially weightless, and is effective casting or trolling.
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  8. Nice ties. Love me some simi leeches. If I'm on a stillwater, fishing anything NOT under an indicator, chances are very good that it's something very similar to those leeches. I fish a ton of Simi Seal/Mohair/Hale Bopp style leeches.

    The past few nights I've been bringing my fly tying gear to work, and have been stocking up my leech box like mad. Been tying a ton of these types, as well as a ton similar on jig hooks. Pretty sweet to get paid to tie.
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  9. Beautiful bugs! If you want someone to do some independant testing of their effectivness on some South of the border trouts, I will volunteer and will even send a stamped pre-addressed envelope!
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  10. PM sent ;)

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