Getting new (to me) pontoon ready for the water...

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by willburrrr2003, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. So much for testing it out this weekend....there are no cam straps in the box that were supposed to be included with the new skins.
    I have a call into The Creek Company, and waiting to hear back from them.
  2. I can tell you, you have upped your pay load by going with the new pontoons. Those little pontoons with the huge rockers are designed for rivers and they are really hard to balance out on stillwater. With those new and in my opinion way better pontoons, you should be able to haul more and even add a battery/motor by sliding the frame forward.
    We all start somewhere, and you have proven to be quite wise.
  3. Thanks for your wonderful input! I had not thought about increased loading from the new skins, but looking at their profile and knowing that they are also slightly bigger than the original skins I can see that you are right :D . I had considered the increased stability from the shape of the new toons , and agree that the upgrade is good all around! I also took a peek at your blog, and it is a wonderful site!! If I ever find myself in Utah, I will look you up for a trip ;)
  4. I was hoping no one would notice!
  5. Getting close to being able to test it out, I would tomorrow if I had the straps for it (frame is just sitting on toons for the pics)...and if my hand pump didn't fall apart...:( . I was able to get them up to where they had the basic shape with the cheap blower air pump my buddy had, but it doesn't have enough pressure to fill it out past what you see in the pics. I still have to paint the transom piece this week. I am not worried about paint the seat bars, as I will be upgrading in next few weeks to a molded plastic seat with cushions in seat and back portion.

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  6. I have an LVM pump and it won't pump the toons up all the way either. This is actually a good thing. Never trust those pumps with built in gauges. Seen a couple boats explode with 2 lbs of air according to the gauge. Always top the toons off by hand and I do recommend buying a hand held gauge like this:

    It is hard to get exact air in two separate toons, but it does make a difference to me.
  7. will:

    Blue and her wife alan.... rock. They said anyone who is visiting will take them fishing:)

    Right Blue??? :)

    I need a trip!
  8. Ahem. Chef, repeat after me.
    Alan= husband.
    Joni/Blue= wife.
  9. i have the odc classic, and i tell you what, for 150 bucks it was a steal. creek company has treated me welll when i called them. if you have any questions, give them a call
  10. I have heard that also. But, I have to ask, what have you had to call them about?
  11. just shipping info. it was right before christmas, and during the harsh weather stretch..not about the product
  12. The Creek Company was fast in my order, I paid on Monday and received my new skins on Friday. I emailed them Friday afternoon when I found the straps for mounting them to frame were not there, but with the time difference they were already closed so I will have to wait until Monday to find out about my missing straps. I emailed them on Thursday to find out about getting a MSO (manufacturers statement of origin), which I would need to register my toon, so that I can take it out on lake Washington with a little 1939 1.8hp gas motor I am rebuilding. By the time I got home on Thursday I had a detailed response on getting it :D . So far I am happy with my customer service with them, and will continue doing business with them.
  13. :thumb:
  14. I just received an email from the Creek Company, and they shipped out my missing straps this morning :D As far as customer service goes, these guys have been terrific so far!!
  15. mojo:

    Sorry! blue did say she wears the pants in the family.

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  16. Nice boat Will. Those fish are heading for cover already!
  17. I'm late to this thread but reading though reminded me of my first pontoon and how excited I was to get it out on the water!

    From experience, make sure your bladders are fully extended inside the skins and pay particular attention to smooth out any folds or creases in them. Once tightly inflated, a fold can quickly rub inside the skin to become a pinhole or worse. To help lengthen the life of your boat, I suggest storing the tubes about 75% inflated to reduce the possibility of collapsing inside the skin and then causing a fold or crease next time you inflate.

    Also, sells cam straps for a fraction of what most boat makers charge and they're located in Renton so Seattle area buyers can stop by and pick their orders up instead of having them shipped.

    Enjoy your maiden voyage!

  18. Thanks Scott, fish shall fear me!!!
  19. I am working on a nice spot to hang the toons in my garage, as I do plan on leaving at least 75% inflated for storage. I took lots of care fitting the bladders for no creases as well. The cam straps were supposed to be included with my new skins, and were not an additional order...they just forgot to pack them with everything else ;) .... it is nice however to know I can get some local, as I will need straps to secure gear to my boat :) and yes I am looking forward to my maiden voyage...will even try to get it on video ;) I will try it out rain or shine this weekend :D Possibly out on lake Martha... though for a little extra gas I could drive to Pass lake or Lone lake and then take the ferry back (is is still free to go from Clinton back to Mukilteo?)
  20. Will, sounds like you got the bladders in the skins. For future reference, if you need to take them out again for anything, or if anyone has too, shake some baby powder inside the skins before inflating the bladder. Inflate it 3/4 of the way and then let the air out again. At 3/4 the bladder should fill the skins all the way. You can see it on the fabric if it's going where it's supposed to, or if you have to give it a nudge in some spots. Fill it up and top it off to check it out.
    Have fun with it.

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