Getting out of flyfishing

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by yellowlab, Apr 1, 2010.

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    "Can you send me some pictures...?"

  2. Evan Burck Fudge Dragon

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    I've got one..

  3. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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    Yellowlab, awesome list. I'll PM you an offer for all that is left. I see there are no gear rods, downriggers and bit fishing keeping that part of the collection?
  4. yellowlab Active Member

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    Yes, I am Ed... But I do have a few other items that are left over from April 2nd:

    Half case of Cliff Bars, my dog pee'd on them and the rats got to them in the garage, but a few of them are still ok if you don't mind dog urine and rat poop on the wrapper: $0.50
    Box of flyfishing magazines, they've been piling up on the bathroom floor and my wife says they've got to go, but most of the moisture damage is dried out by now $5.
    Pair of Capiline Long Johns with a stain in the crotch, when I thought I hooked into my first steelhead, but its turned out to be a log. I tried to bleach it out, and you can't even notice the spot anymore, more like an ooze stain than a splat stain. $10
    Various Down rigger balls that are tough as heck to cast for those damn Kings. The guys at Outdoor emporium told me that I needed these with a flasher and squid, I did have to send one of the Loomis rods back for warranty repair when I attempted the backcast and the rod shattered into 6 pieces. $5. Im still trying to tie up the flasher????!?!!!
    Box of Kimchee bowl Ramen, I can't eat anymore of that crap, $2. I'll throw in a few cans of Spam, its a good combo for those early morning steelhead outings.
    Pair of Bill Dance fishing goggles I paid, $20 for them at Walmart, but will take $3 for them.

    I might be adding more stuff as I clear out my garage. Think I had a few Ari T. Hart reels, and about a dozen various spey rods: Meiser, CND, Burkheimer, and Sage. Anyone heard of a Spey company reel or a Sarcione? Well, I've also got a few of those lying around as well $I think $45 is a fair price.

    PM me for more information, I also need to get rid of my truck as well, its only got 800 miles on it and I've added the espresso machine and the driver's seat shoulder massager.... thought it'd come in handy after catching a steelhead, but that never happened, so off it goes! I only used it once for a fishing trip to B.C., which I didn't catch anything but a cold. $10,000 Here is the website:
  5. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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    Holy crap Paul, you are bringing the pure unadulterated goodness. I can't belive all that stuff has lasted three full pages.
  6. yellowlab Active Member

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    4 pages now... I just got a PM from a guy in Chile wanting the Sage rods, and another for the Watermaster. HMMMMMMM???????? C'mon folks ever hear of April Fools????? One guy in the UK even sent me this message, which I thought was hilarious: "Think I just left a damp patch on my seat............need to go and change my undercrackers now.."
  7. Peter Pancho Active Member

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    I knew it wasn't real after noticing your glx cross currents were not for sale. Darn you!
  8. fishmaster New Member

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    I am interested in the XP 7 wt., Also, I would be interested in a Watermaster if you have a Kodiak model. PM me and we can arrange a time to get together, I live in Issaquah.
  9. obiwankanobi Active Member

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    The Russian bride arrived in perfect shape and looked just like the images you provided. Thanks for expediting this process!
  10. yellowlab Active Member

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    Hope you're satisfied with her supple but realistic latex skin and warm touch.
  11. Sinktip Monty

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    I pay paled you the money already, so where the f#@$ are my ramen nooddles and new fishing goggles. Been waiting on the porch for weeks, and paid the extra for the overnight shipping that you said was "NO PROBLEM, I' LL SEND IT RIGHT AWAY." You better hope I don't run into you on the river!!!!

    No, but seriuosly,

    How much you want for the dog???
  12. flyfishingdds New Member

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    Am seriously interested in the Spring Creek Pram for fishing with my father if it is not an APRILS fools post & it is still available.

    Randy :)
  13. SouthForkBum MEMBER

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    Dude, a month later you are still getting "serious" emails. This is some funny shiznit. I thought I was the Master Ninja Jokester, I was wrong. You are the Master.
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  15. themaninthemoon Just waiting on warmer weather, .......

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    Ever yell WATER! ! ! ! ! in a movie theater? They said that yelling fire was illegal......
  16. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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    Paul, three thousand three hundred (and one) views in one month and six days. That has to be some sort of record. What do you have left from your fly fishing fire sale?
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    sick burn, Its hard to glance at anything else (including the date of the post) when this thread bumps to the top of the classified a month later, and all you can see is those ridiculous prices... I literally was checking my bank account before I realized how rolled I had just been. damn.
  18. yellowlab Active Member

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    Thanks for asking! I was about to post some other items that might of interest to the members of this fine forum.

    1. Rubber Chicken
    2. Chunky black rimmed glasses with big latex nose and fake mustache'
    3. Whoopee Cushion
    4. Wooden Top
    5. Spiderman palm held web shooting device
    6. Pack of condoms
    7. Pair of neoprene waders, a few areas where the material melted in the crotch after a major blowout from the Taco bell in Ellensburg, but otherwise water worthy below the knees.

    Make me an offer on some or the whole lot. I might be looking for a new spey outfit in trade plus cash on your end if its attractive enough...
  19. Kent Lufkin Remember when you could remember everything?

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    I missed the original post while spending a week in the hospital at the beginning of April. Reading through the entire thread, I was sadly reminded of H.L. Mencken's famous observation, "Nobody ever went broke underestimating the stupidity of the American public."

    You're obviously a shrewd judge of people Paul. Judging from the number of serious inquiries this is still generating, you knew just which buttons to push (the Greed one comes to mind). I'm staggered by the number of folks who (still) seem to think it was serious.

    I nominate it for the Best WFF Classified Post of All Time award.

  20. Troutrageous Active Member

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    Maybe you should change the title now... I mean, you can't honestly blame people now that its May for not realizing that the post a month ago was on April 1st. Obviously the content seems too good to be true, but even so, maybe time to throw april fools at the end of the title.