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  1. flytier07

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    Tying flies in preparation for my upcoming trip. WHAT DO YOU THINK? 944603_564672956922939_724184022_n.jpg
  2. johnk

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    Looks like it would float all day long!
  3. Jamie Wilson

    Jamie Wilson Active Member

    where you headed?
  4. Teenage Entomologist

    Teenage Entomologist Gotta love the pteronarcys.

    Some 3 pound trout could say, " Hey, I think that is dinner!" Looks like it'd replicate a pale mayfly to me.
  5. triploidjunkie

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    For where you're going at that time of year, don't forget to tie alot of chironomids... ooops, I mean "buzzers".
  6. GAT

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    It would help if we knew what the devil you planned on fishing for ....
    if you're going after tuna or sailfish, I'm not so sure that fly is suitable for the target species :D

    If you're trying to fool trout, looks fine to me. ...except, why the yellow hackle feathers at the butt? Maybe you know something we don't and should!
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  7. flytier07

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    It,s called a "Maggot Muddler" for obvious reasons, the foam body floats it all day and trout love it when it,s hot and bass go crazy for it!"
  8. flytier07

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    Grand Coulee and Banks Lake area
  9. flytier07

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    The pattern is included in Malcolm Greenhalghs Encyclopedia of Fishing Flies as far as I recall. He says he,s used it for steelhead as well as trout and other predators. I had a five pound common carp on one nad a large pike broke me off so they see food.
  10. flytier07

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    Got loads and am tying up more-bug bond does a great job sealing them and no more messy epoxy for me. A 30 second zap from the uv torch and "voila" it,s sealed!
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  11. Pat Lat

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  12. Mike Ediger

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    Thanks for asking Gene, I was waiting for someone else to ask this so I didn't have to. :)

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  13. Teenage Entomologist

    Teenage Entomologist Gotta love the pteronarcys.

  14. triploidjunkie

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    I've never seen a Hex here. Way, way upstream, yes. But I'm talking one hundred river miles. That pattern would actually probably work really well during the hatch.
    The main bugs in my immediate vicinity are chiro's, big ones late spring. Calibaetis is probably the second most important bug, but mostly for area lakes. Don't see them much on the river. Damsel flies, nymphs and dries, are third on the list. I can't think of any other real significant hatches that effect my area. Some other sporadic mayfly hatches, but they're mostly unpredictable.
    Don't forget leeches, buggers, and baitfish patterns. Most of the big boys like meat! But I can't stress enough to have plenty of "bombers" in your arsenal.