FS/WTT Ghetto lines for trade (or sale, but I'd feel guilty taking money)

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by bigdood, Aug 9, 2013.

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  1. Trying to clear out some of the shit pile gear closet and came across some redundantly redundant fly lines. Would be primarily interested in trading for other lines or (beer...couple flies...I dunno, I'm easy) but would reluctantly sell if someone was interested in buying. You'd pay shipping though, which would likely kill any sort of value proposition for the screaming deal price you'd get.

    First up, Cortland Fairplay, WF8F. This ones not really ghetto as they are actually pretty good value lines, but I'm judging it by the company it keeps sooo.....
    Uses their 'rocket taper' which I take to understand means you can cast this mother to the moon. This line is brand new in the box, forgot I bought this as it sat in a drawer unloved and I picked up a 8wt multitip line from someone on the site before finding this.

    Next up is a Crystal River 5 weight. This line is a lot like those girls you meet on a Friday night and bring home in that I know nothing about it other than it's weight and color and that it looks clean (in this case it's a 5 weight, white and she appears to value her hygiene). If reels could wear rubbers I'd suggest 'em here just in case.

    Next up is a yellow Allen 8 weight floating. This was part of a package deal with Allen (in which I never got the complete package, but that's another story for another day...) and didn't really cast well on the rod it was on. It was likely more that my casting sucks and not a problem with the line but it's waaaaaaaay easier to blame the line than to take blame for anything myself, thus on the chopping block.

    I'm a libra and like long walks on the beach, puppies and beer. I've been to the beach quite a bit this year and just got a new puppy so basically am looking for lines or beer in trade. If I had to guess most of these lines aren't worth much in the way of beer, maybe a 6er of Hamms, but I'm open to suggestions. If you are local to Portland (or somewhere I'll be in the next few weeks) I can drop off, but probably not really worth shipping any of these.
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  2. Bigdood, with your overwhelming salesman prowess i suggest you start selling bridges.:)
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  3. we should start a line trade section or something, I have a couple i dont really want to sell but I would love to trade.
  4. Funny you mention that. I've got this oceanfront property in AZ I was going to list here shortly once I got it ready for listing photos....
  5. Bigdood, I laughed so hard I woke the baby up so you now owe my wife an apology.

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  6. I actually need two of those lines. Any chance you are in the Seattle area soon?
  7. Possibly later this week for a meeting or two, and if I don't make it there for work will probably be on the other side chasing fin
  8. Pm sent. Would meet ya with a rack of pbr or whatever you are in need of
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