Giant OlyPen Steelhead!!!

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Andy, Mar 2, 2005.

  1. Now that I got your attention with a catchy title, Bhudda, Tightline and I will be camping out on the OP from March 9-13. This would be a great opportunity to get out to the OP, meet some people, make some friends, and catch some steelhead. All are welcome!
    We'll be staying at Copper Mine Bottom Campground on the Clearwater River, which is free. We'll be fishing the Clearwater and the Queets, and probably the Sol Duc on the way out on Sunday. The weather looks good, and the steelhead should be cooperating. I hope that a few of you can make it, the more the merrier. And remember, there is always a warm beer and some cold chili at our camp for anyone who wants it.
  2. That's just plain wrong Andy. I was hoping to see some fish porn too. Think we may have to put you on a time out for that. :rofl:

    Good luck, hope you guys have fun.
  3. I'll have a talk with the Rangers up there tomorrow. :p
  4. Andy, aren't you going to be fished out by the end of the month? well passed your fishing quota.
  5. Dude, i totally need some recouperation, my blood pressue went up about 100 points. That sucks, i was hoping for some picks of 30lb steelhead, or even a video. Downright wrong. I was gonna send u some flies, but i guess not :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: . Serously, good luck and i hope you hook up, sounds like u need it.

  6. Damn you Andy, I thought for sure I was gonna see some big ole fish boobies.
    and then it was just this. :rofl:

    Counting down......

  7. I've got 4 replies in 30 minutes, so my trick worked.... I am just getting the fever again, so steelhead beware!!!

    Until you've been in my position, you would never know how lucky you are to be living where you do. Don't take anything for granted (like wild steelhead) cause they might not be around forever....

    I have to drive 4 hours minimum to find any quality trout fishing, so a trip like this will make my year. I think it would be cool to get a bunch of guys out there so that I can share my good times with some good people.
  8. Im posting Odds that Brian has to stay home and shampoo the carpets that weekend. :cool:
  9. Brian hasn't pussed out yet, I know that my positive thinking has gotten me into trouble before, but I don't think he will this time. I am secretly hoping for a repeat of OP party 2003, when he.... well, you all saw the pictures.

    We both need to let loose for a few days. We are both engaged to teachers and slipping into the domestic "situation" and need to get back in touch with our fishing roots. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else that week.
  10. "Special-Ed" Teachers no doubt. :clown:
  11. Like jerry said.

    Got me to click for sure.

    I will be here in the dungeon.

    Have fun
  12. Dang right I'm not out. Planned fishing trips are made, come hell or high water. There are some things you just don't mess with. bawling: And I'm sorry, but there will never be a repeat of the Oly fling. I have built my tolerance to unbelievable proportions. :clown:
    Andy, any luck on an extra boat?
  13. I have built my tolerance to unbelievable proportions. :clown:


    Does this mean that you have planned on bringing extra shirts and towels along for breakfast hour?

  14. Brian
    I have one boat secured, and I might be bringing one on the plane, but I can't find a third boat for us. I think we might be able to fit two of us on the Power Drifter. Maybe you should bust out the zodiac.
  15. I might be up for a trip out that way, but probably wouldn't show up until Friday night. I also might be able to help you out with a pontoon boat. PM me if you're interested.

  16. P.T.
    I sent you a PM.

    It would be sweet if you could make it out there.
  17. I'm gonna be on the OP from tomarrow (5th) till the 12th. I'll try and swing by th Clearwater around the 9th or 10th. I drive a silver 4Runner with Colorado plates. What do you guys drive?
  18. I think you have already left Calibeatis, but we'll be in a red ford ranger, I think. I cant remember what Tightline drives, but stop by our camp at night.


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