Gies, Lies, Pies and some Flies

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Big E, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. I'm open for other days...was just a the 9th better?
  2. 9th works for me
  3. 9th works for me
  4. I'm retired. Just about any day works for me. The 9th is probably okay.
  5. Either day good for me.
  6. Unfortunately I work every Saturday, so I guess I'm out.:(
  7. Big E: I hope you will show me how to "tie" your squid "fly" when I come to the Gies, Pies and Flies thingy.:):)

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  8. Sure no problems. It's very complicated though. :rolleyes:

    Reminds me that I need to get tying a bunch for summer.

    Got lots of the Sound to dredge this year with them.
  9. I will make the next one. I leave on a redeye the night of the 9th.

  10. Has a date been set for Gies,Pies, Lies, and Flies? (did I get that right?)
  11. 9 Feb at 1600....PM me for details if you plan on coming
  12. Ugh, just found out I'm signed up for a charity fundraising dinner that night. Sorry Eric, maybe next time.
  13. Anyone else for the 9th?

    PM me if you are coming.
  14. I would be up for going on the ninth
    Ill bring supplies to tie my black fly.
  15. BTT.

    One more week. Looks like it will be a good turnout (compared to the last one anyways).

    PM me for details if you plan on coming.
  16. It's looking more and more like I will be off work on Saturday, so good chance I'll be there.
  17. 9th...daddy daughter dance. Love you guys, but I'll have better dates for this night. Hope to catch the next one.
  18. Anyone from the Seattle going and want carpool? I'll likely be heading to fish a beach between Seattle and there for a while before the event.
  19. Unfortunately, I'm out. I just had surgery on my eye and am currently pretty much blind in one eye until it heals. Too long a drive with no depth perception and I doubt I can handle the small things in tying but I''ll try to make the next one.

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