Gies, Lies, Pies and some Flies

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Big E, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. Gary,

    PM sent.
  2. Hope the surgery went well Steve, take care of those eyes.
  3. Everything is cool so far. Just some scar tissue clean-up but annoying for a couple of weeks until my vision clears. Thanks.
  4. So does this mean you are wearing a patch and talking like a pirate? ;)

    Went thru a couple issue when I was younger and had to have both eyes covered for a while.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery.
  5. Arrrrrg! No, not exactly. The patch came off on day two. I have a gas bubble inserted in my eye to help everything stay in place until it heals. It is about 80% gone now but until it is completely gone it is like looking through a glass of murky water.
  6. Tommorrow is the day. If you are coming and haven't PM'ed me please do as I am going to go rent some tables and chairs tomorrow.
  7. Hope you guys have a good day. I tried tying a fly with this eye. It was pretty funny. I quit half way through and will cut it often off the hook when I can see again. I shou
    ld have known better but I got really bored just sitting around.
  8. I have to work this evening so I wont be able to make it. Hope you Giuseppe have a great time
  9. Those of you who were unable to attend Big_E's "Guys, Lies, Pies and some flies" missed a very nice evening. This was the first "event" of this kind that I ever attended. I want to thank Big_E for hosting and for the great pizza. It was also great to meet Pat Lat, Richard Torres and Ron McNeal and to see Gary Knowles again. Pat and Richard tied up some phenomenal caddis. Ron did some just perfect damsel fly nymphs. Gary tied up a killer brown alpaca wool leech. Eric did an awesome "Home Invader" steelhead pattern. I just watched and learned. The highlight of the evening for me was Gary's homemade apple empanadas.
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  10. Yep...great evening. Perhaps next time people will remember to bring vises. :)

    Learned quite a few things from how to strengthen feathers with pantyhose, breaking strength of Veesus thread, how to tie a drunken dragon, Gary's handiwork on a Rainshadow blank and Pat's demonstration of a SRC pattern and tying in hand.

    Thanks to all who came. We'll have to do it again.
  11. So much fun. I'm truly amazed at what you guys can do with feathers, fur, and thread. A huge thanks to Big E for hosting and to the others for the great feedback and instruction. Sign me up for the next one! I'll bring a different baked good for dessert next time too.

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  12. I agree.

    Gary I had a blast on the beach even though we didn't get any fish love. I'll drive again and you bring those empanadas along!

    It was great meeting you Jack and learning about Beardslee's. I'll have to find and bring some Steelhead IPA next time we meet.

    Pat it was great to meet you again. Your quality to detail on some of your flies as usual was impressive along with your "non-vise" abilities. You Gary and I will have to pound some water on the Cedar (or anywhere else) sometime together, name the time guy's.

    Ron it was great to see you again too and that Cranefly pattern you showed us still blows me away! I showed a pic of it to the guys at work and they couldn't believe that it was fake.

    And last but not least, big kudos to you Eric for inviting us to your abode, showing us how you tied the awesome streamer and weave patterns and also filling us up with pizza. I'm glad you learned something on the pantyhose and feather trick and I hope that nasty smell didn't linger around for too long.

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